DIY Tutorial: The Magical Art of Handmade Occult Batik

With Occult Batik, you can create one of a kind fabrics for tablescaping, quilting, ritual craft, apparel, and more– and it’s easier than you’d think.

The Lust List 9.22.17

The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that our staff has been lusting after. These are our deepest darkling desires.

The Gothic Arts and Witchy Crafts of Petrichor

With embroidered pins, linocut prints, and witchy boxes, the one of a kind wares of Petrichor make us squeal and develop serious “gimme that!” hands.

The Devil is in the Details: A Selection of Satan Sin-spired Goodies

Feel free to get into a little trouble with this curated list of Satanic goodies. After all, the devil made you do it.

Eerie Indie Brand Alert: The Beheaded

With velvety web-covered turbans and pastel jack-o-lantern kimonos, the limited edition “Spoopy” collection from The Beheaded was worth the wait.

Gretchen Lewis’s Bubblegum Halloween World

The retro Halloween inspired work of Gretchen Lewis is as sweetly sinister as a poisoned apple, and we’re taking a big bite.

Read Our Leaves: Tea for Dark Dreams and Stormy Nights

Dust off your tea set and put the kettle on: we’ve gathered seven delicious brews to boil up this fall. Drink it for the magic. Drink it for the caffeine.

From Kitschy to Classic: 13 Bags for On-the-Go Darklings

Carry all your fall treasures and spooky treats with you in style with this curated selection of bags for busy darklings.

Flowers Grow Through Skeletons: Art of Kathleen Lolley

The work of Kathleen Lolley is a whispered fairy tale of surreal life and the inevitability of loss, laid out in the subdued hues of a Victorian photograph.

“Basic Witches” Teaches Us to Hex the Patriarchy and Heal Ourselves

With spells for self-love, building a kickass coven, and smashing down the glass ceiling, “Basic Witches” has a place on our bookshelf now and forever.