Splurge-Worthy Planters for Foliage Serial Killers and Garden Witches

Terra cotta who? These planters will have you eyeing up the greenhouse again, even if you haven’t got a green thumb (yet).

Sugar and Spice: the Illustrations of Heather Mahler

Exploring themes of anxiety, dyslexia, self-love, and pop culture, Heather Mahler’s tattooed darlings are more than just ink on paper.

Makeup Tutorial: Duochrome Graphic Look by Mª Beatriz

Mª Beatriz shows how to be bold as brass (or teal, or orange) in this graphic makeup tutorial that’s surprisingly simple to do.

Plan It, Janet: Calendars and Planners For a Witchy 2018

Need to remember that coven meeting? These witch-friendly calendars and planners will help you have your most magical year to date.

Darker Than Disney: The Shadowed Imagination of Abigail Larson

If you’ve been looking for an illustrator whose artistic skills are matched by their macabre storytelling, we’d like to introduce you to Abigail Larson.

Martha Rotten Jewelry: Memorializing the Lost

If ever there was a shop that made us empty our wallets, screaming, “IT’S SO PRETTY IT HURTS,” it’s Martha Rotten. Those on no-buys might wanna turn away.

Podcasts to Listen To: Audible Oddities

Sometimes you need a soothing voice spinning tales of superstition and folklore. Sometimes you wanna hear a podcast about murderin’. Either way, what bliss.

Dressed for Rest: Dreamy Pajamas for Drowsy Darklings

Browse our list of comfy, sexy, witchy, spooky robes and pajamas, and see if you don’t agree that pants are waaaaay overrated.

Love Thyself, Bitches: Body Positivity Goods for 2018

Body positivity can feel impossible, we know. But sometimes a simple slogan on a t-shirt can remind you: You’re gorgeous. You’re amazing. You’re enough.

To Dust You Shall Return: the Photography of Alex Conrad Valone

The extraordinary photographic work of Alex Conrad Valone is beautiful, thought-provoking, and deeply disturbing. CW: Death, suicide.