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10 Tarot Storage Options For Your Special Decks

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We know that our beloved darklings take their tarot decks seriously. You spend hours taking quizzes and trying to decide what deck(s) to add to your collection So why just let them sit on a shelf? Why collect them all up with a hair tie and shove them quickly in your purse when you need to tarot on the go? That’s why we’ve rounded up a ton of tarot storage solutions for your home and for travel.

Rose Tarot Bag

Let your tarot go wherever the wind, and your broom, takes you with this pretty rose printed bag. Art Angels Witch Supply Shop//$4.00

Ouija Storage Box

Image via Reginald Spleen

Because we love Ouija everything, it seems pretty obvious that a Ouija tarot storage box is an absolute necessity. Reginald Spleen//$26.55

Luna Moth Cloth and Case

Image via 78Tarot

Tarot on the go easily with this matching case and cloth set, featuring lunar phases and luna moths. How perfectly paired! 78Tarot//$35.00

Baphomet Box

Keep your tarot delicious and add to your collection of Baphomet-themed goodies (and your homemade Black Phillip cuddle monster) with this incredible tarot box. Pandora Witch Shop//$40.00

Inverted Cross Case

Image via Hex Couture

Because even heathens need a cross sometimes. Especially when it’s red, inverted, and stores our tarot cards. Hex Couture//$36.13

Moon Tarot Box

What’s a more appropriate storage box for your oracle cards than one covered in moon phases? Pandora Witch Shop//$40.00+

The Moon Phase Tarot Box

Image via Stone and Violet

Another moon box, but this one is less for storage, and more for display. That’s not gonna stop us from buying one, though. Stone and Violet//$85.00

Red Pentacle Leather Storage Case

Oh, be still our beating hearts. This entire shop makes incredible, one-of-a-kind, real leather tarot (and Magic the Gathering) cases, but we’re partial to this red hot pentacle number here. The clasp alone! Capricorn Handwork//$59.99

Witchy Tarot Bag

For the modern, punk pink witch on the go, who needs to take her tarot with her no matter what. Serenity’s Witchy Wants//$15.00

Lavender Moon Tarot Case

Image via Gear Box Leather

Alright, yeah, so we love the moon and all her phases; WHAT OF IT?! This gorgeous dyed leather case is setting our hearts a-flutterin’. This case is great if you’re worried about outside hardware damaging your cards. Gear Box Leather//$54.99+

Featured image via Art Angels Witch Supply Shop.

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