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Sugar and Spice: Wedding Cakes with Bite

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So you’ve decided to stick with tradition by having a cake at your wedding reception.. but you want to put your own unique spin on it, right? From black fondant to sugar skulls, we’ve got you covered with a photographic tasting that ranges from delicious to downright decadent. Here’s a baker’s dozen of quirky confections to help conjure up some cake-spiration.

Dark and Dramatic

This alternative spin on a classic wedding cake features matte black fondant with a lovely pop of richly colored flowers creeping around its tiers. It’s the ideal choice for the couple looking for elegance without frills. Via The Confetti Cakery.

Gothic Lolita

Image via Tortenherz

Here’s a cake for anyone who wants a nod to Victoriana. The two-tiered cake is accented with black lace and swoops of delicate pearls, but the highlight is that sweet skeleton cameo, who is just too charming to eat.  Via Tortenherz.

Haunted Mansion Cake

Image via Jam Cakes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…purple? A pair of skeletons sharing a loving moment tops this purple and black wedding cake. The purple fondant is accented with intricate black lace and skull-adorned swags to complete a vibrant twist on the traditional tiered wedding cake. Via Jam Cakes.


Image via Desserts by Dana

Do you want it painted black? Live by #allblackeverything? Then this is the one for you. This decadent, towering cake’s tiers are all black-on-black-on-black, but each features its own vibrant texture. Our only question is which tier do we eat first? Via Desserts by Dana.

Gothic Wedding

Here’s another vintage-inspired design, featuring various Victorian architectural elements and topped with a bouquet of red roses. As if that weren’t reason enough to choose this cake, the base even features delightful little lampposts. Via EnTicing Cakes by Christine.

Human Heart Cake

What could be a better wedding cake topper than a heart? Proclaim your love for each other with this anatomical heart cake. Consider swapping the traditional cake knife for a scalpel. Via Sideserf Cake Studio.

The Raven Penny Dreadful

Do you and your partner love literature? Perhaps you met in a library and bonded in a bookstore? If you’re a couple of bookworms, then here’s a delightful, quirky theme cake to cap off your celebration, complete with a raven perched upon a bust of Pallas. Via Jenny’s Haute Cakes.

Red Lace and Stripes Cake

Image via Gimme Some Sugar

Here’s a vibrant cake for anyone looking for something a little louder on the dessert table. The tiers feature stripes and fishnet lace with swirling accents… plus bright red fondant that adds a wallop of color. Via Gimme Some Sugar.

Gothic Teacup Cake

Another unusual design for the offbeat couple. This cake is topped with a teacup and features skeletal silhouettes of the happy couple framed in golden bones. ‘Til death do they part. Via Little Cherry Cake Company.

Victorian Gothic Cake

Image via @sweetlakecakes

Holy bustles and buttercream! This gorgeous cake is perfect for any couple into steampunk, Tim Burton, or both. It also threatens to out-dress some of your guests. Via Sweetlake Cakes.

Red and Black Cake

Image via The Cake Witch

Looking to sink your fangs into something rich and red? Here’s an alternative cake, complete with black drippings and a little vampire couple on top, for those who fly by night. Via The Cake Witch.

Animal Skulls Cake

This cranial confection by baker/artist Annabel Lecter features textured tiers decorated with an array of animal skulls. If you want a showstopper for dessert, look no further than this work of art. Via The Conjurer’s Kitchen.

Black and Gold Cake

The beauty of black lace and the beauty of a cascade of flowers combine to give this gorgeous cake the elegance of a traditional tiered wedding cake and a splash of something offbeat. You can’t go wrong with a classic. Via Soft Peaks Cakery.

Featured image via (L-R): Soft Peaks Cakery, @sweetlakecakes, and @theconfetticakery

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