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Absinthe Has Landed at Strange Fire & Fumery

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Whiskey and beer are for fools; absinthe for poets;
absinthe has the power of the magicians; it can wipe out
or renew the past, and annul or foretell the future.
-Ernest Dowson

“Absinthe.” Even the word rolls off the tongue. It’s little wonder the artists and poets of the late 19th century were so obsessed. With its unique color, specialized rituals, and hallucinatory reputation, drinking absinthe elevates one’s imbibing experience to something almost mystical. Or, at least, very cool and fashionable. We’ve professed our love for the green fairy’s drink once before, but our senses are primed to be all a-tingle once again, this time thanks to Strange Fire & Fumery. They’re at their arcane wizardry again, continuing to tug at our heart strings (and purse strings) with their new Absinthe scent.

Photo by Katrin Albert Fine Art Photography.

Decadent, intoxicating, and a little mystical, the Fumery has mixed up a blend truly worthy of its namesake. It’s a bit sweet, as you’d expect, and there’s the signature anise note. This Absinthe goes so much deeper, though. A bit bitter and woodsy, they’ve somehow captured the essence of wormwood. Overall, it’s hard not to smell this one without being transported.

Pictured: your gateway to the extraordinary. Photo by Katrin Albert Fine Art Photography.

If you’re still on the fence, the Fumery has sweetened the deal by offering a lovely array of absinthiana. For many, the rituals and props associated with drinking Absinthe are every bit as important as the spirit itself. Whether you’re a slow dripper, a supporter of flaming sugar cubes, or prefer emerald-spiked cocktails, this lovely set is bound to capture your imagination.

Photo by Katrin Albert Fine Art Photography.

Included in the set is a gorgeous Absinthe candle in a tall glass, as well as two votives and 20 sticks of incense. You’ll also receive a reproduction Absinthe spoon, adorned with beautiful wormwood leaves, and a truly stylish box of matches. But you’ll have to act quickly, as the sets are extremely limited.

Limited, but so worth it. Photo by Katrin Albert Fine Art Photography.

Though this indulgent set won’t be around forever, the scent of it will: Absinthe is joining the permanent scent library, and will be available as incense, candles, and (be still our beating hearts) perfume.

So you don’t have to be green with envy. (Sorry, not sorry.) Photo by Katrin Albert Fine Art Photography.

You can head directly to Strange Fire & Fumery’s website to order your own set. You can also stalk them on Facebook and Instagram. There’s even a fan group where you can get the skinny on new scents, deals, and items before anyone else. We’ll see you there.

All images by Katrin Albert Fine Art Photography.

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