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Adopt a Spooky New Friend at Leather Monsters

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Do you want to make new friends? No? That’s fair. But what if we told you this was a friend who was quiet, would never make you feel awkward, loved cuddles, and, best of all, happened to be a monster? Now we’ve got your attention. Leather Monsters has just the companion you’re looking for.

They’re so happy to eat you… I mean, meet you. Photo via Leather Monsters.

As the name might suggest, Leather Monsters is a company devoted to bringing dapper little monsters to life. From moody sea creatures to cheeky cyclopses, Leather Monsters makes the perfect little devils to keep you company at night.

Or to quietly share in your ennui, in this guy’s case. Photo via Leather Monsters.

Monster maker and generally gleeful explorer Lisa Lee and leathersmith Colin Mayhew hold the unparalleled honor of being the minds and hands behind these adorable little creatures. Lee started in sock monsters, but it’s obvious leather was her calling. Her love for these wee beasties comes through in her dedication to well-made products and her engagement with the Leather Monster community.

Photo via Leather Monsters.

Leather may not be the most common material for plush toys, but there’s some sound reasoning behind the choice. The monsters are created with longevity in mind. A Leather Monster isn’t just any stuffed animal, it’s a friend and guardian to be shared, passed on, and loved for decades and generations to come. Lee is picky when it comes to materials and tools, and it totally shows.

Those custom acrylic eyes? Yeah, they’re worth it. Photo via Leather Monsters.

So, how do you take one of these adorable critters home? There are several posted on the Leather Monster website at any given time. Here’s a peek at a few of our favorites.

Photo via Leather Monsters.

What Harold lacks in depth perception, he makes up for in cuddles. Cyclops Harold//$138

Photo via Leather Monsters.

Who says an adult can’t have a tea party and dish about their annoying boss to their stuffed animals? Just looking at those disapproving little mugs, you know they’re dying to hear all about it and hate those jerks right along with you. Beany Pup Monster Jack and Teddy the Teal//$128 each

It’s also a good idea to watch the site and their social media closely. There are always new custom monsters and random additions to the Leather Monster family. You never know when the next addition to your family will pop up, and you’d hate to miss out on calling dibs.

Photo via Leather Monsters.

Lee happily takes custom orders and makes herself easy to contact. Of course, there’s also a VIP club you might want to join, where you’ll get the inside scoop on sales and specials. We’d also recommend following Leather Monsters on Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram. There’s always something monstrously adorable to brighten your day.

Cover Photo via Leather Monsters on Tumblr.

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