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Alternative Coloring Books To Soothe Your Weary Soul

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Adult coloring books are huge right now, and for good reason. Besides being loads of fun, coloring is therapeutic. Something about opening a crisp, white page, choosing just the right color pencil or pen, and taking your time filling in details is soothing to the body and mind. There are tons of coloring books on the market, but if you’re sick of coloring mandalas and flowers, you probably want to check out some of these alternative books featuring the best of dark fantasy, horror monsters, and naughty bits.

Coloring Books by Selina Fenech

Images via (L to R) Selina Fenech

Illustrator Selina Fenech is known for her beautiful coloring books for good reason. She has several titles to please darklings, including these lovely paperbacks featuring magical darkling ladies of all kinds, waiting to come to life by your hands. Each features 50 illustrations, with single-sided printing. Paperback. Night Magic, Goddess & Mythology, and Gothic, Amazon//$9.95 each

Pussytastic! and Cocktastic! by Ella Cotton

Images via Ella Cotton

Ella Cotton puts the “adult” in adult coloring books with these droll drawings based on the silliness of genitalia. No matter what you call your privates, you’ll find awesomely trippy pussy portraits and dick pics to color however you see fit. Both are paperback; 60 pages each. Pussytastic!, Amazon//$4.99 and Cocktastic!, Amazon//$4.91.

Magical Babes by Lolle

Images via lOll3SHOP

This “coloring book for witches and wizards” is the first from Italian artist Lolle. It features nine magical, original drawings printed on high quality paper and bound by hand. lOll3SHOP//$19.60

Fantasia by Nicholas Filbert Chandrawienata 

Images via (L) Nicholas F. Chandrawienata and (center, R) Evelyn TD

Enjoy epic fantasy creatures drawn from cultures and times throughout the world, all drawn in Chandrawienata’s intricate Indonesian style. This stunning book features more than 60 illustrations of monsters and legends printed single-sided on thick, toothy paper. Perforated pages and concealed Wire-o binding make it easy to color, store, and remove pictures. Fantasia, Phoenix Amulet Publishing//$15.99

The Horrors by Anji Marth

Image via Anji Marth

Tattoo artist Anji Marth shows off her unique, bold art with amazing pictures of monsters and legends from cultures around the world, all accompanied by well-researched, informative bios of each creature. Paperback; 124 pages. The Horrors, Amazon//$11.99

ColorIt Mythical & Fantasy Illustrated by Terbit Basuki

Images via (center) @shinebrightdesigns and (ends) ColorIt

Gorgons and dragons and fairies, oh, my! This high quality coloring book has a plethora of gorgeous illustrations of all your favorite fantasy creatures and monsters. It features acid-free, artist quality paper, plus hard covers, top spiral binding, perforated pages, and blotter. Mythical & Fantasy, ColorIt//$17.99

Zombie Coloring Book by Art Therapy Coloring

Coloring is good for brainsssss! Color away the worry with these crazy zombie designs printed on black backgrounds for maximum color impact. Paperback; 90 pages. Zombie Coloring Book, Amazon//$7.99

Creatures of Classic Horror: Guide and Coloring Book by Davina Rush

Image via Davina Rush

You can never go wrong with the classics. More than just a coloring book, this guidebook will give you filmographies, information, and superstitions surrounding each OG monster. Paperback; 62 pages. Creatures of Classic Horror: A Coloring and Guide Book, Amazon//$6.99

Myka Jelina Set of 15 Grayscale Coloring Pages Instant Download

Image via Myka Jelina

Who needs a book, when you can instantly download this PDF with 15 delightful goth cuties and print them out yourself? The grayscale pictures do the work of shading for you. Myka Jenlina//$17

Art of Coloring: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney Villains

Images via Disney Book Group

Darkling Disney fans will live happily ever after with these two books featuring drawings and designs centered around our most beloved childhood frights. Both are paperback; 128 pages each.  Art of Coloring: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Amazon//$9.69 and Art of Coloring: Disney Villains, Amazon//$10.12

Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring Swear Word Coloring Book by Alex Fleming

Images via Alex Fleming

Color what you’re feeling with these hilariously blunt drawings. The author has a whole series of profane coloring books, so check those out, too. Paperback; 56 pages. Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring, Amazon//$5.39

Featured image via loll3SHOP.

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