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Amber & Indigo: Dark Romance from Down Under

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I’m about to admit something to you all.

Sometimes, in certain situations, I have another persona I like to tap into. I think a lot of people can relate, especially when it comes to that saucy art of seduction. Sometimes it’s just easier to let loose when you step outside of your day-to-day self. Australian lingerie brand, Amber & Indigo, is here for people just like me (er, us)!

Image via Amber & Indigo

We’ve mentioned Amber & Indigo before in lingerie roundups and our 2017 Style Guide, and we can’t get enough! Formerly associated with brands like Bordelle and Sorapol, Amber & Indigo’s Amber Von Blonde uses couture skill and knowledge to execute her own designs. With contrast in mind, she creates lingerie “your alter-ego will love.” Traditionally feminine characteristics merge with the more “dark and risqué” to form pieces that are dark and romantic. Here, these things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, some things might just be better together.

Von Blonde’s latest collection, Killer Romance, combines elements like graphic lace, hand-cut vegan leather, and black mesh to create pieces wholeheartedly unique from anything you’d see at a Victoria’s Secret. These pieces skip the frilliness to make floral into something fierce. Organic lines and stained glass shapes make leather into something softer. It’s all about balancing aesthetics to give a powerful payout. Wearing these yells, “I am sexy. I am confident. I’m a badass.”

Moonlight Wrap Bralette//$100 – Azalea High Cut Briefs//$80

Without the bells and whistles, the simpler designs still have a subtle femme fatale feel. These are sleek and sexy, with an unexpected detail here and there. A Bond Girl could just as easily wear Amber & Indigo as anything else. These sets have us feeling deadly.

For a smaller, indie, international brand, Amber & Indigo offers an impressive range of products. From bras and underwear to harnesses and pasties, a shopper is set up to create a whole accessorized lingerie ensemble. There’s no denying here that this designer has quite the attention to detail. While pieces from a collection share design and material elements with the pieces that they’re designed to accompany, they’d also be incredibly easy to mix and match.

Images via @bambie_sgh/@amberandindigo (left) and @summermcinerney (right)

Wearability also comes into play at Amber & Indigo. For example, the Black Widow harness looks incredibly complicated. In reality, it only has two closures. The harness simply wraps around the body, and voila! And although Amber & Indigo does size their pieces, it’s safe to say that they’re also adjustable to fit a range of body types and shapes. You can skip the conversions, as the website has a sizing chart in both metric and standard measurements. From there, pieces can be tweaked by the wearer to get the ideal fit.

Image via @amberandindigo

Amber & Indigo pieces are handmade in Melbourne, Australia. For your browsing (or shopping!) pleasure, you can find more on their website, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

Featured images via Amber & Indigo

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