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Delie Kapetanovic is a strange woman with a deep passion for the macabre and unusual. She is an avid book collector and fancies herself a witch. When her nose isn’t buried in a book, she spends her time speaking in tongues, casting spells and worshipping the moon with her kitten, Villain.

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New on the darking scene is The Conjured Rose, a scent company making solid perfumes accompanied by artwork that's as beautiful as their fragrances.

Your baby bat needn't suffer through pastel onesies. Like the witchy aunt you wish you had, we're here with creepy goodies for your little bundle of darkness.

Artist Lee Harper creates detailed skeletal dioramas that tread the line between whimsy and history. They've been going viral for a reason.

Sunblock? Check. Beach towels? Check. Swimsuits? Check, check, check, check

Artist Adam Oehlers creates a strange, chimerical world that we want to fall into and never leave.

Need some style inspiration? We've found 6 witchy AF lookbooks on YouTube that'll get your gears turning. You might just find your new binge-worthy vlogger.

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