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Emily Vakos is a strange lady who usually writes odd little stories. She enjoys films, myths, games, and things that go bump in the night. You can find her on Facebook or on Twitter @ervakos.

Browse our list of comfy, sexy, witchy, spooky robes and pajamas, and see if you don't agree that pants are waaaaay overrated.

ASMR fan? We've curated a selection of videos so good, we've got the tingles just thinking about them. Plug in and unwind.

No matter what anyone says, you are NEVER too old for plushies to cuddle in bed. Especially when they're one-eyed sharp-toothed leather monsters.

Your heart may be icy cold, but your ears should stay warm. Bundle up during these blustery winter months with our favorite hats, scarves, and gloves.

From skulls and ravens to Gorgons and Krampus, Dellamorte & Co. has you covered when it comes to affordable darkling home decor.

Book lovers, want to wear (or drink, or burn) your favorite stories? Look no further. From Bram to Edgar, there's prose aplenty in here.

Zolia Vera creates deliciously scented, vintage-inspired soaps, creams, and elixirs that are perfect additions for your darkling boudoir. We're in love.

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