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E. caught the first ten seconds of a Dracula movie on TV while in first grade and immediately became obsessed. She's a huge fan of Gothic lit, outrageous horror movies, strange cats, and DIY projects involving black glitter. She has a degree in Medieval Studies and a background in costume. Her home improvement muse is Sarah Winchester.

Warn your guests: These wedding cakes are dark, deadly, and delicious. Browse our finds and get ready to nom in style.

Living room is looking a bit more Martha than macabre? Consider these smashing, easy-to-assemble, uber-customizable DIY coffin pillows, and get your grave on.

Black? Green? Oolong? Rooibos? Whatever your taste in tea, we've got a cup, pot, or spoon to suit your fancies.

Centerpieces are the perfect place to inject your style into your wedding day. We're here to show you a beautiful arrangement you can customize to suit you and your partner's exquisite tastes.

We like our books like we like our coffee: Big, dark, and delicious. With anatomy, fashion, death, and poisons in their pages, these coffee table books fit the bill.

Keep your coif immaculate and avoid melting into a steaming puddle with our picks of umbrellas, boots, and coats that can be your armor on rainy days.

What is Dracula like in Iceland? Istanbul? These alternate Count stories came before he graced the silver screen, and we can't get enough of them.

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