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Chemist by day, alchemist by night, this little redhead gained her Master's degree in Pharmacy by way of witchcraft and strong coffee. Classic literature savant, death enthusiast, avid tea drinker and mother of rabbits, hailing from ye olde Albion. Follow her on Instagram at @x_exmachina_x

Gritty and feral, the handmade jewelry of Bone Dust Tower hits us right in our darkest witchy spot.

Got a burning desire to browse diseased limbs, surgery techniques, or murderer's skulls? Sate your curiousity within Edinburgh's anatomical museums.

Artist Jessica Harrison uses porcelain figurines as a medium that's familiar and yet deeply disconcerting.

The delicious art of Conjurer's Kitchen will astound your eyes and enchant your taste buds, leaving you murmuring, "Oh my god. That's CAKE?"

Join us as we drive across the United States and visit 8 murder houses that you can see, touch, and never forget. It'll be a scream.

If you fell in love with "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" series, you're already familiar with one of our favorite genres: Nordic Noir. Want more? We're happy to share.

There's no need to sacrifice style when you're on a budget. We've found 10 shops with inexpensive darkling fashion -- and some of them might surprise you.

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