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Chemist by day, alchemist by night, this little redhead gained her Master's degree in Pharmacy by way of witchcraft and strong coffee. Classic literature savant, death enthusiast, avid tea drinker and mother of rabbits, hailing from ye olde Albion. Follow her on Instagram at @x_exmachina_x

There's no need to sacrifice style when you're on a budget. We've found 10 shops with inexpensive darkling fashion -- and some of them might surprise you.

Nobody will be asking "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?" because these jewelry boxes (and racks, and dishes) are so gorgeous, they're stealing the show on their own.

The extraordinary work of elusive artist Chiara Bautista has captivated viewers and inspired artists worldwide. Sometimes, the best things come in mysterious packages.

Get your blood pumping with these anatomical heart home decor items. Poe would approve.

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