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Sarah is a writer of strange fiction, practitioner of the occult, proud New Englander, and werewolf apologist. When not summoning ancient forces, she can be found hunting for the best ramen restaurants around. Instagram: @citymystic

Witches are no strangers to magical herbs, and today we celebrate our favorite the darkling way; no tie dye here.

Dear Darkling pays a visit to Georgia O'Keeffe: Living Modern, a peek inside the curated life of the famous artist, from her paintings to her clothing.

To weirdos and witches, Salem is a Mecca. We wanted to share all of The Witch City's beautiful weirdness, and bring you the best places it has to offer.

Photographer, artist, editor, stylist; is there anything Ashley Joncas can't do? We uncovered how she uses her many talents to create a dark dream world.

Liven up your next seance with this list of ouija boards that are destined to impress your friends in this world, and the next.

Asc Helvetius of Asc Alchemical combines chemistry, alchemy, magic, and a love for all things olfactory through the art of perfumes, oils, and tinctures.

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