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Read Our Leaves: Tea for Dark Dreams and Stormy Nights

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It’s no secret that most darklings love autumn best of all the seasons. Is it the fact that Halloween is in October? Perhaps. It could also be the morbid reality that the mass death of the foliage is the source of such great beauty. (Personally, I lean toward the “everything’s dying and it’s pretty” side of the spectrum, but you do you.) Another common theme among darklings is our love for hot tea. To get you in the mood for shorter days, long sleeves, and to celebrate the end of summer, we’ve compiled this list of some teas we’d love to see brewing in our cups.

Autumn in Avalon


Image by Moon Goddess Magick

This botanical blend contains elderberry, orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, red rooibos, vanilla bean, dried apple, pomegranate seeds, calendula, chickory, and clove to perfectly capture the wonder and magic of the fall season. Moon Goddess Magick//$17

Happy Witch Tea


Image by Sunshine Cottage

This hand blended tea is wonderful whether you enjoy it hot or on ice. It features a variety of fall flavors like ginger, hibiscus flowers, cornflowers, apple pieces, cinnamon, clove, cardamon, calendula, sunflower petals, and jasmine. It’s autumn in a mug! Sunshine Cottage//$4

Halloween Tea


Image by Tea Cleanse

This wonderful black Ceylon heavily features pumpkin, orange, and apple pieces. It was inspired by Halloween, so we know the eerie ambiance the flavors inspire is deliberate. Tea Cleanse//$7

Haunted Library Tea

Haunted Library Tea

Image by Malfoy Tea Emporium

This black tea has everything we look for in a warm beverage. It’s highly caffeinated and contains a variety of magical flavors. The blend is a delicious melody of spearmint, orange peels, blueberries, blue cornflowers, vanilla flavor, natural bergamot flavor, raspberry leaves, natural creme flavor, and cocoa nibs. Malfoy Tea Emporium//$8

Full Moon Tea

Full Moon Tea

Image by The Forest Witch

This light green tea contains hints of floral elements. The juicy plum flavors blend with the fennel and aromatic mugwort will help with your full moon endeavors and keep you in the right frame of mind to enjoy Halloween and hot tea weather. The Forest Witch//$8

Mad Hatter Tea

Mad Hatter Tea

Image by Peacefulmindco

This beauty is bright and light, making it a nice alternative to the darker, bolder blends on this list. The herbal flavors range from rose hips and lemon grass to hibiscus flower and peppermint, as well as zesty lemon and Valencia orange peel. It’s perfect to freshen up a dark and dreary afternoon. Peacefulmind//$13

Witch’s Tea Blend: Self-Love, Intuition, and Empowerment

Witch Tea Blend

Image by Citrinecoven

This loose leaf black brew contains floral blossoms designed to enhance spiritual love and creativity as well as promote healing, relaxation, and harmony. The jasmine and lavender blossoms combine beautifully in scent and in taste. The rose petals promote the divine and self-love, and the lemon balm is meant to promote happiness as well as spiritual and psychic development. Citrinecoven//$8

Stock up on these teas before the temps drop for good, and spend chilly evenings curled up with your favorite mug.

Featured image by @tea-pet.

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