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Oh, Baby! Goth Garb for Your Little Demon

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When shopping for children’s clothes, it can be a challenge to find items that aren’t covered in florals, pastels, or are otherwise brain-numbing. If you gravitate towards the darkness, you and your ghoul might prefer skeletons and bats over Care Bears or Barbie dolls. Don’t fret, darkling – we’ve got you covered! In this roundup, we’ve compiled a list of goth-approved children’s clothes. You will find items for all ages here along with some mention-worthy brands to check out.

Creature of the Night Bodysuit

Image via LilyandBat

This statement piece says it all. Etsy shop LilyandBat has amazing finds for your little devil, including a variety of bodysuits with phrases from popular movies and shows that lean towards the dark side. They even offer matching items for adults, so you can always twin with your mini! LilyandBat//$22

Red Bats Baby Dress

Image via MetalliMonsters

This dress is a striking shade of red that is sure to stand out, but it’s the tiny bats that get us squealing with ghoulish delight. A perfect addition to the wardrobe of any baby bloodsucker! MetalliMonsters//$22.33

Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Bodysuit Set

Image via MonroesHandmade

Another fan favorite, just in time for the Halloween season! MonroesHandmade is an Etsy shop that offers this fun outfit in a variety of colors and styles, so you can pick and choose which one will suit your kid best. They are also open to customizing outfits for your needs if you happen to have an idea of your own. MonroesHandmade//$12.50

Monochrome Striped Swim Shorts

Image via HankandLolo

This swim suit has Pugsley Addams written all over it! Available as just the shorts or with the black shirt, this is the ideal summer outfit for any beach baby goths. Don’t forget to lay the SPF on thick, so your baby bat doesn’t burst into flames! HankandLolo//$26+

Girls Polka Dot Dress

Image via Rebel Circus

The black and white polka dot print on this dress has a vintage vibe, and we love how the red ribbon adds a pop of bright color. Dress it up or dress it down, this is the ideal garment for any little goth beauty. Rebel Circus//$37.95

Tattooed Parlor One-Piece

Got ink? If your little one idolizes you and is counting down the days until they can cover themselves with tattoos, surprise them with this badass one piece from SourPuss Clothing! Covered in traditional style drawings, this is a great starter piece for any wannabe tattoo fanatic. SourPuss Clothing//$28

Skulls Pajamas

Image via MetalliMonsters

For those seeking to dress their ghouls up in all the skull-themed things they can find, this two-piece pajama set is available for children up to 12 months of age. The brand also has a lot of other goodies that are worth checking out! MetalliMonsters//$26.79

Skulls and Sabers Striped Infant Onesie

Image via Cartel Ink

Ahoy, matey! This onesie is perfect for your little pirate, and it’s also available in black and white with a red skull if the color scheme above doesn’t do it for you. Either way, we are sure your nugget will look fierce! Cartel Ink//$20

Polka Skulls Hooded Playsuit

Image via MetalliMonsters

The Polka Skull Playsuit found on MetalliMonsters’ website is worth an honorable mention due to the fact that it has a hood with adorable little ears! This piece will keep your little one warm and snuggly while looking spooktastic at the same time. MetalliMonsters//$38.55

Sugar Skull Outfit

Image via MonroesHandmade

We just couldn’t resist also including this sugar skull piece by MonroesHandmade! Sold separately or together as one outfit, the little red velvet hearts and glitter just warms our dark hearts. MonroesHandmade//$11+

Featured images via MetalliMonstersLilyandBat, and MetalliMonsters

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