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In The Belfry: Bat Inspired Baubles For Night Creatures

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The baby bat
Screamed out in fright,
“Turn on the dark,
I’m afraid of the light.” 

-Shel Silverstein, Batty

Few animals are quite as intriguing as the bat. They’re rule breakers. They’re furry creatures who fly instead of crawling on the ground. They come out at night, when the world’s gone dark and no one can see. Myths and folklore the world over have placed these adorable little guys in the cracks of the world, the in-between places. It’s okay, that’s where witches live, too. We can keep each other company.

Night Creatures Enamel Pin

Bat enamel pin by Maniere Noire

Photo by Maniere Noire

Keep a spooky little friend with you wherever you go. Maniere Noire//$13

Bat Perfume

Bat perfume by Zoologist Perfumes

Photo by Zoologist Perfumes

Ever wanted to smell like a bat? Yeah, we haven’t either. But this bat inspired perfume, winner of a 2016 Art and Olfaction Award, is every bit as delightful as that little guy in the suit. Zoologist Perfume//$6

Vengeance Sunglasses

Bat Sunglasses by Glitter and Gorgeous

Photo by Glitter and Gorgeous

You’ll want to practice your echolocation so you can wear these after dark. Glitter and Gorgeous//$23+

Bat Dress

Bat dress by Silly Old Sea Dog

Photo by Silly Old Sea Dog

Like bats themselves, this dress is classy and classic. Silly Old Sea Dog//$133.45+

Bat Bookends

Bats Bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts

Photo by Knob Creek Metal Arts

These bookends perfectly compliment that set of first edition Gothic romances. Or, if you’re anything like us, that shelf full of shameless vampire smut. The bats won’t judge. Knob Creek Metal Arts//$62.99

Bats Lingerie Set

Bat Bra by Mala Noche

Photo by Mala Noche

A perfect set for all nocturnal creatures. Mala Noche//$51

Bat Planchette

Planchette by Pumpkinhead Printshop

Photo by Pumpkinhead Printshop

Who better to keep you company on “spirited” nights than this friendly little guy. This piece is lovely, whether you use it as a gorgeous piece of art or a way to make those important, long-distance calls. Pumpkinhead Printshop//$65

Bat Earrings

Bats Earrings by Ritual Remains

Photo by Ritual Remains

At just over two inches, these batty beauties are definitely statement earrings. The statement they make? “I’m deeply in love with the creatures of the night.” Ritual Remains//$140+

Bat Shit Crazy Leggings

Bats Leggings by Necessary Nonsense

Photo by Necessary Nonsense

Despite their name, these leggings definitely don’t look like guano. Necessary Nonsense//$45

Gothic Barn Wood Bat House

Bats House by Organization for Bat Conservation

Photo by the Organization for Bat Conservation

No list of bat themed goodies would be complete without a little something for our furry wing-men. Give your friendly neighborhood bat population a boost and add a lovely piece of art to your home with the Gothic Bat House. Each one is crafted from reclaimed barn wood and adorned with a lovely Gothic bat design. Plus, you’ll be helping to support another wonderful, bat friendly organization. Organization for Bat Conservation//$170

Featured Images by (left to right) Ritual Remains, Pumpkinhead Printshop and Maniere Noire.

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