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Big, Bold, and Witchy Statement Necklaces

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Some say that “size doesn’t matter,” but when it comes to statement necklaces, that’s not always the case. We first started to notice the stirrings of a resurgence of big, bold, ballsy-as-fuck necklaces in The Love Witch. As a result, our insatiable desire for big-bigger-biggest has only grown stronger. Furthermore, one of the advantages of these sizable pieces is that even the most introverted sorts can pull them off. Allow your accoutrements to make a statement for you, without ever having to utter a word. 

Some are reasonably-sized, some are positively mammoth. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

Bronze Bramble Necklace

Image via Jamie Spinello.

Channel your inner forest witch with this astonishingly true-to-life cluster of bronzed brambles. Jamie Spinello//$185

The Eternal Light

Image via Burial Ground.

Originally inspired by Freya’s Brísingamen (gleaming torc) necklace, Burial Ground has interpreted this to have the crystals represent “a light within the seer that never goes dim.” Burial Ground//$220-380

Massive Rose Quartz Crystal Point Necklace

Image via Hedonist INC.

A weighty, whopping 4.75″ long rose quartz point (including the bail) — this showstopping piece is definitely going to turn heads. Hedonist INC//$89.99

Steel Moon Necklace

Image via Bone Dust Tower.

Bone Dust Tower has a particularly entrancing vibe. Witchy and rustic, yet modern; casual and understated. As a result, this particular necklace speaks a thousand words without all of the typical bells and whistles. Bone Dust Tower//$60

Black Leather Choker with Khokhloma Pendant

Leather chokers are fairly commonplace these days; but with a bright wooden pendant and embroidered Japanese and Czech beads, this one stands waaaaay apart from the others. Masha Bitter Jewelry//$120.61

Amor Et Fidelitas Necklace

Image via Miyu Decay.

“This lovingly hand crafted statement necklace was inspired by the traditional Irish Claddagh Ring, which represents Love (heart), Loyalty (crown), Friendship (hands), and by my admiration of crows. For me, crows represent Love and Loyalty because they generally mate for life and are very loyal to their tribe.” Available in brass (shown) and sterling silver. Miyu Decay//$195-450

Crystal Willow Necklace

This necklace is on our wishlist — not only because it’s simply DIVINE, but because of its effortless beauty and versatility. Don’t feel like dressing up? For the most part, neither do we. This would look just as fantastic with a basic t-shirt as it would on a black velvet gown. Barbara C. Pellegrino Jewelry //$105

Statement Size Pear Shaped Purple Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant With Crescent Moon Beaded Ball Border

Image via SaraAtMidnight.

SaraAtMidnight’s pieces are unique, intricately detailed, 100% handcrafted, and heirloom quality.  SaraAtMidnight//$475

Large Quartz Crystal & Latigo Leather Necklace

Image via SIGIL.

Leather, suede, and a single quartz point make for a simple, understated, yet stand-out centerpiece. SIGIL//$100

Bronze Vertebrae Pendant

Image via mrsoles.

Okay, we know. Skull and vertebrae jewelry are EVERYWHERE lately, but Jason Soles’ bronze pieces have a particularly fetching liver sulfur and ferric nitrate patina, and a deliciously heavy weight, giving them an ultra-luxe, museum-quality feel. They’re genuine works of art, and consequently, will be an extra-spooky, extra-special piece to wear long after the vertebrae trend has passed. mrsoles//$245

Megalodon Tooth Talisman

Image via Spellbound.

Kari Dern is a MASTER at creating unbelievably gorgeous, one-of-a-kind statement necklaces. Currently, she sells solely via her Instagram. DM for prices for individual pieces shown in her feed. As for this particular specimen, we have one and it’s AMAZING. There’s something truly magical about wearing a necklace which is not only one of a kind, but made from a 3.6+ million year old artifact. Spellbound//$150-525
(We simply didn’t exist when they were alive — therefore, no Megalodons were harmed to source these teeth.)

Many of these necklaces featured are limited editions, or one-of-a-kind. Consequently, if any of these look like they belong around your neck, grab them before it’s too late!

Featured images from Hedonist INCMasha Bitter Jewelry, and mrsoles.

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