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Black Friday Sales for Discerning Darklings

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Autumn is ending, winter is coming, and with it comes Krampus and holiday sales. This weekend is the time to shop online ’til your wallet cries, but we can help you save a little cash. That’s right; we’ve rounded up the best sales happening on the Internet this weekend so you can start buying gifts for the one you love most (yourself, obviously). Here’s our list of the best Black Friday sales for your discerning darkling consideration.

Alien Mood

black friday alien mood

Image via Alien Mood.

Alien Mood is offering 50% off clearance, and holy balls, there’s some cute stuff in there. This harness is on our list to Krampus in ALL CAPS. So wait, are we supposed to be naughty or nice?


Image via Altar.

Step 1: Visit Altar. Step 2: Use code “BLACKFRIDAY17” for 20% off houselines/10% off everything. Step 3: Achieve darkling nirvana. Their gender neutral “Black Moon” oil concentrate sounds amazing.

Apocalyptic Beauty

Image via Apocalyptic Beauty.

Apocalyptic Beauty is a new find for us, and we’re so glad we met. We’ll be sure to use their “HAPPYHOLIDAYS” code to score 25% off (permanent line only). We think this glitter matches our eyes.

Babe Coven

Image via Babe Coven.

Witch darlings Babe Coven are running a 20% off sale through Monday, and to make everything sweeter, they’re donating 20% of this weekend’s sales to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. Queerdos, heed the call.

Baby Bat Beauty

Image via Baby Bat Beauty.

Baby Bat Beauty has outdone themselves on the sale front this year. There’s 40% off the whole site, plus all lipsticks are buy 2 get 2, and there’s bonuses for spending $50-$100. With sweet shades like this liquid to matte lipstick in Haunted, we doubt that’ll be a problem.

Black Moon Cosmetics

Home to some of our favorite cosmetics (Black Metal collection, how you doin’?), Black Moon Cosmetics is offering 30% off everything in their shop from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.


Image via Collectif.

Vintage-loving vixens! Collectif is offering up 30% off everything with code “BF30.” Their dresses are particularly vampy.

The Creeping Moon

Image via The Creeping Moon.

Packed with the deliciously creepy work of artist Megan Wyreweden, The Creeping Moon is the perfect place to pick up a few prints for the artists in your life. Multiple coupon codes make that even easier.

CVLT Nation Bizarre

We got a bit dizzy at the sight of all the wickedly bizarre stock at CVLT Nation Bizarre. And with select items discounted for Black Friday, we know where we’re doing our holiday shopping. (Psst. This Baphomet necklace would be amazing as a stocking stuffer. Just saying.)

Dolls Kill

Image via Dolls Kill.

Every damn thing at Dolls Kill is on sale. Every. Damn. Thing. These Devious boots might not be the most practical footwear, but that doesn’t stop us drooling over them.


Image via ExoUmbra.

20% off some of our favorite witchy, handmade, plus-size friendly (up to size 5X!) wearables? How can we refuse? ExoUmbra, we’re so glad you’re around.


Image via Foxblood.

Y’all, we could hardly choose what Foxblood item to show you. With leather jackets, sexy undies, and a “Because Aesthetic” tee collaboration with Dre Ronayne, Foxblood is worth a visit. The “BLACKOUT” code that nets you 20% off anything doesn’t hurt, either.

Good Goth

Image via Good Goth.

Good Goth has been making the internet a darker place since 1996, and damn, they know how to turn a darkling on. With corsets, bags, clothing, and jewelry included in their “Gothbusters” sale, we’re happy to indulge our nostalgia.


Image via Killstar.

With so much hell yeah we’ve lost track of everything we wanted, Killstar is downright devilish for offering 20-85% off everything on the site. It’s fine. We didn’t need to eat this week. (Note: we at Dear Darkling do not endorse foolish spending habits. Eating is more important than even the cutest dress, darklings. Take care of yourself AND your wallet.)

LA Splash

Image via LA Splash.

LA Splash‘s sale section is chock full of discounts on cosmetics and false lashes. Their Classic Horror matte liquid lipstick set is to die for.

Ludlow Luna

Image via Ludlow Luna.

We’ve featured Ludlow Luna so many times, you’d think we were #spons. Nope. We just can’t turn down clothing, pins, and patches festooned with amazingly esoteric designs. +5 points to Lunador for their The Craft references. Plug in code “LLFRIDAY” for 25% off your order.

Medusa’s Makeup

Image via Medusa’s Makeup.

You bet your bottom dollar that we’re plugging in the code “yesss” at Medusa’s Makeup to pick up a few Eye Dusts at 30% off. This one’s called “Volcano” and we’re hot under the collar about it.

Queen of Darkness

Image via Queen of Darkness.

Queen of Darkness‘ 40% off “Bat Friday” sale is music to our ears. This coat looks too cozy to be ignored. And hey, German darklings! You get free shipping with orders over 75 Euros. Not too shabby.

Rogue and Wolf

Image via Rogue and Wolf.

Score up to 70% off items at Rogue and Wolf, including their signature jewelry, clothing, and prints. Remember, the gifting ratio is: Two for others, one for you.

Strange Fire & Fumery

Beloved by darklings the world over, Strange Fire and Fumery’s Black Goat incense is just $5 for 20 sticks today. Nobody’ll blame you for stocking up.

The Satanic Temple

Image via The Satanic Temple.

TST often collaborates with some amazing artists, and we’re really feeling this mug designed by Luciana Nedelea. Use code “BLACK20” for 20% off your holiday purchases. For friends and loved ones, clearly. We’re not buying this for ourselves. Oh, no, definitely not. /adds to cart

Under The Pyramids

Image via Under The Pyramids.

Customers of witchy jeweler Under The Pyramids can apply code “PYRAMIDSNOIR” for 10% off their order this weekend. We’re fond of their runic talisman pieces, though we’d be lying if we said we weren’t making heart eyes at that switchblade, too (sadly, not for sale).


Image via Valfre.

30% off the entire store? Yes, please. While maybe not the first shop a darkling on a Black Friday mission might visit, there’s plenty of spooky treasures on Valfre if you’re willing to poke around. Example: This adorable coffin-shaped portable charger.

Featured image (L-R) via: Foxblood, Rogue and Wolf, Dolls Kill.

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