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Black Like Your Soul: 7 Lipsticks for Your Makeup Arsenal

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Makeup is modern day warpaint, it’s magic, and for many of us it is not only an art, but an act of reclamation and self love. We use it to feel powerful, to express our personal style, to feel beautiful on our own terms. Whether meticulously applied for hours or hurriedly swiped on during a bus ride to work, it can act as a tiny self affirming ritual before entering the world for the day.

On days when the world feels like a battlefield and all the shades of red, pink, and purple just won’t cut it, black lipstick is the ultimate finishing touch. This often underutilized shade is bold, mysterious, darkly romantic, badass and always a bit dangerous.

Whether you’re a traditional goth, daring darkling, or wild witch, your makeup collection simply isn’t complete without the perfect black lipstick. We’ve rounded up some tried and true cruelty free favorites.



Image Credit: @jessicahazemua

The glossy finish ‘Nevermore’ gives your lips a sexy black patent leather look. Pair it with your favorite harness for a dominatrix vibe, or wear it for your next trip to the supermarket. Nero Cosmetics//$18



Image Credit: @mainlyboredom

A lipstick as dark as night, as dark as sleep, as dark as your soul, this extremely comfortable and long wear formula will last through all your midnight misadventures. Black Moon Cosmetics//$18



Image Credit: @karenxbell

Kat Von D’s Everlasting lipsticks are the perfect liquid to matte formula. This opaque black does not budge and will have you covered from brunch to midnight bonfire in the woods. Kat Von D Beauty//$20



Image Credit: @themariejay

For a bad witch on a budget, Nyx Liquid Suede lipsticks are perfect. At only $7, you can keep a tube in the pocket of every purse, leather jacket, and cloak you own. We do recommend using a lip liner with this, as it has a tendency to bleed slightly. Nyx Cosmetics//$7



Image Credit: @vampelf_5555

Nevermore shall you wear lipstick that isn’t perfectly opaque and beautifully matte. Baby Bat Beauty//$13.99



Image Credit: @pennold

You’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color, so of course you wouldn’t wear anything less than “the blackest black matte lipstick on earth”. Weirdo is also eye-safe, so you can use it for your killer cat eye (or bat eye) too. Jeffree Star Cosmetics//$18



Image Credit: @naikabynature

Each day it feels like the end times are creeping ever closer. Why not go down wearing a lipstick as dark as our impending doom? Abracosmetics//$18



Image Credit: @naye0na

Bane is highly pigmented, long lasting and blacker than the blackest plague. Melt Cosmetics//$19

Now go ye forth into all the world with your “don’t fuck with me” pout!

Featured image courtesy of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

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