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Happily Never After: Literary Treats for the Darkest Book Worms

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We would never dream of judging another darkling’s shelves, but we’re willing to bet there are some literary staples we could find in most of our reader’s book stacks. Crumbling castles, haunting phantoms, and badass witches: these are what the classics are made of. As great as these stories are on the page, it’s even better when you can wear your favorites on your sleeve. Or, in this case, on your stockings (just wait til you see them!). We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bookish pieces to help you add a little literary flair to your life.

Nevermore Necktie

Photo via Binary Winter

Of course, we start with The Raven. Hand printed with eco-friendly ink, this bold tie is perfect for lovers of the forlorn and pensive. Or just anyone who loves a good tie. Binary Winter//$24

Ghost Story Soap

The perfect accompaniment for a dark and stormy night. Also, ideal for that friend who’s always curled up with a good spine-tingler. This lovely fetching, book-shaped soap is scented with cozy Green Tea and cleansing Sage. A blend for a séance, if ever we’ve smelled one. The Soap Librarian//$6

I am, I am, I am Pin

Photo via Ahoy Kollektiv

For those days when your perfectly normal life has you feeling a little suffocated. Ahoy Kollektiv//$9.43

Macbeth Mug

Photo via The Quoted Cup

No one would claim that the weird sisters are the most accurate witches ever written. But, damn, did they have style. With this rustic mug, you’ll never forget the ingredients to your favorite witch’s brew. The Quoted Cup//$19.50+

Faust Tote Bag

Every book worm needs a devilishly good tote to haul their reading material. The Literary Gift Company//$13.12

Call of Cthulhu Cupcake Liner

Photo via Geeky Hostess

Who doesn’t want tentacle cupcakes? Clearly, this is the new galaxy/glow-in-the-dark/unicorn trend. Thank goodness the Geeky Hostess is here to make sure we’re ahead of the curve. They also make an adorable Macbeth version. Geeky Hostess//$4

Sleepy Hollow Candle

Photo via Get Fictional

You’ll lose your head over this gorgeous Sleepy Hollow candle. Of course, we love anything that smells like Halloween in New England (even in the dead of winter). The tie in to a great work of spooky storytelling is a bonus, though. Get Fictional//$8

Annabel Lee Tights

Photo via My Tights Shop

We’re doubling up on Poe and no one can stop us. Why would you want to? With these wonderful tights, you can add that all-important finishing touch to your outfit: a tragic tale of lost love. They’re also available in several colors. My Tights Shop//$25

Three Detectives Serving Dish

Photo via The Gorey Store

Known for his often morbid but always lovely writing and illustration, we have to admire Edward Gorey’s unflinching willingness to be weird. There are many fine gems at The Gorey Store, but this platter wins for being a delightfully odd conversation piece. The Gorey Store//$34.95

Dracula Rocks Glass

We can’t think of anything that goes better with a tale of dark temptation and ancient evils than fine spirits on the rocks. The Uncommon Green//$14

Cover Photos via Geeky Hostess, My Tights Shop, and Binary Winter

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