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Light Your Crypt with Burke & Hare Co.: Halloween Collection

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One of the best things about fall is that it is officially candle season. Coming home and lighting candles all around the house has always been a favorite activity for many; there’s just something so soothing about the way the flames dance, how gorgeous scents waft about, and how pretty, peaceful, and romantic everything feels by candlelight. And, to make things even better, the amazing Burke & Hare Co. released limited edition goodies to celebrate the Halloween season. Let’s take a look (and a sniff), shall we?

Haunted is full of the most lush, spicy scents that we think of for this time of year: “spicy clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper over subtle orange zests and a deep woody base of patchouli.” Oh, yes, this scent can haunt our hallways all day every day, thank you. Haunted Candle//$13.00

“This candle is sweetly scented with the richness of pumpkin pie having warm notes of cinnamon and vanilla, powdered sugar and whipped butter cream all over a base of graham.” As delectable as that sounds, just don’t try to actually eat it, especially when it’s lit. Deal? Pumpkin Candle//$13.00

Be still, our witchy hearts. The scent of Hocus Pocus is described as “a mystical blend of vanilla incense, sandalwood and patchouli swirled with purple plum.” Sweet, smoky, and sexy? We’ll take a thousand. (If only it came complete with a black flame!) Hocus Pocus candle//$13.00

Renowned tattoo artist Heather Bailey collaborated with Burke and Hare for the design of this and another Halloween candle. This kitty is not your typical autumn-scented candle, as it blends “Pine, Eucalyptus and Birch over an Almond base.┬áThis scent is reminiscent of crisp fall mornings.” Heather Bailey Black Cat Candle//$16.00

Put that plug-in Tupperware wax melter your mom bought you for Christmas three years ago to good use with one of the limited edition Halloween wax melts. Orchard has “the fragrance of crisp ripe apples and woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of citrus” AKA it will smell like the apple pie you bought from the store came fresh out of your oven. What’s not to love? Orchard Wax Melts//$7.00

If you like a variety of scents, grab a gift box! It has two pumpkin-shaped melts that smell like apples, ginger, and vanilla, and five spicy clove scented skull-shaped wax melts. Seven melts for seven dollars is the new seven brides for seven brothers. Wax Melt Gift Box//$7.00

Shop all of the delicious pleasures of Burke & Hare Co. here, the full Halloween line here, and follow them on Instagram.

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