Kitschy & Creepy: The Halloween Collection from the Oblong Box Shop

Twirling skirts and batwing blouses: The delightful retro kitsch of the Oblong Box Shop is so darling, we’re more than willing to clear space in our closet.

A Tangled Web: Spider Gear for Arachnophiles

We all know the rhyme: along came a spider, who sat down beside her, and Miss Muffet said “Oh my GOD, girl, what’s that you’re WEARING?”

How To Wear The Ultimate Ghoul Gang

Morticia, Elvira, The Bride: they’re classics for a reason. Amp up your style for Halloween and beyond with inspiration from our favorite ghoul gang.

Roma Legacy: The New Fall Collection from Mercury Hour Jewelry

Inspired by her Romany heritage and families’ connection to mysticism, the new collection from Mercury Hour is truly a thing of magic.

In The Belfry: Bat Inspired Baubles For Night Creatures

Of all creatures, few are more beloved by darklings than our oft-maligned bats. We’ve gathered up ten gorgeous ways to pay our respects.

Pricks of the Month: 13 Enamel Pins for October

To start out our favorite month of the year, we’ve got 13 creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky pins paying homage to our favorite frightening flicks.

Mystic Armor: The New Fatale Jewelry Collection from Nyxturna

We were granted a sneak peek of Nyxturna’s new Mystic Armor jewelry collection, inspired by gothic architecture, ancient weaponry, and as always, magic.

The Devil is in the Details: A Selection of Satan Sin-spired Goodies

Feel free to get into a little trouble with this curated list of Satanic goodies. After all, the devil made you do it.

Eerie Indie Brand Alert: The Beheaded

With velvety web-covered turbans and pastel jack-o-lantern kimonos, the limited edition “Spoopy” collection from The Beheaded was worth the wait.