The New England Magic of Burial Ground

Steeped in the mysticism particular to New England, the jewelry of Burial Ground is beautiful, quiet, organic solace from our modern world.

Walk Between Worlds with Chase and Scout Jewelry

Jewelry from Chase and Scout isn’t just shiny trifles: it transports us out of our urban jungles and into the deepest and most beautiful places in nature.

Slither In: Snake Gear for Cunning Witches

Whether you’re a Slytherin or just a fan of our slithering friends, you’ll find something that speaks to you in this snake filled list of awesome.

Metal Alchemy: Wrought Wares of Jamie Spinello

If it’s heavy metal you’re after, look no further than the jewelry creations of artist Jamie Spinello. There’s something for every sort of witch.

How to Wear: Classic Universal Monsters

Some things never go out of style: sweeping capes, killer claws, and scales for daaaaays. Fashion meets costume in our homage to classic Universal monsters.

Retro Halloween Goods You Can Score Here And Now

The kitsch is strong with this one. Turn back the clock, style up your pompadour, and indulge in some retro Halloween goods.

A Tangled Web: Spider Gear for Arachnophiles

We all know the rhyme: along came a spider, who sat down beside her, and Miss Muffet said “Oh my GOD, girl, what’s that you’re WEARING?”

How To Wear: The Ultimate Ghoul Gang

Morticia, Elvira, The Bride: they’re classics for a reason. Amp up your style for Halloween and beyond with inspiration from our favorite ghoul gang.

In The Belfry: Bat Inspired Baubles For Night Creatures

Of all creatures, few are more beloved by darklings than our oft-maligned bats. We’ve gathered up ten gorgeous ways to pay our respects.

The Gothic Arts and Witchy Crafts of Petrichor

With embroidered pins, linocut prints, and witchy boxes, the one of a kind wares of Petrichor make us squeal and develop serious “gimme that!” hands.