The Howling Ghosts of Nature: Artwork by Caitlin Hackett

With an extraordinary eye for detail and realism, artist Caitlin Hackett creates beautiful mythologies that speak about our relationship with nature.

Melancholy Comfort: the Art of Scott Radke

Scott Radke’s sculpted creations are mythical, beautiful, and the true definition of fantastic. They invite you into a world that’s truly magical.

Baphomet and Blasphemy: The Art of Chris P. Andres

With gods, monsters, and a TST Veteran’s Memorial under his belt, extraordinary sculptor Chris Andres is a force to be reckoned with.

The Art of Mab Graves: Tender Waifs and Gothic Wonder

Step into the wondrous world of artist Mab Graves, and expect that your heart will swell as you wish, like us, that you could stay forever.

What Magic We See: Wurmwood Photography

Wurmwood Photography creates otherworldly images with a Southern Gothic aesthetic, filled with strange characters you’ll swear you’ve met somewhere before.

Birth, Rebirth, and the Unraveling of Self: the Art of Frank P-54

Enter the mythical world of Frank P-54, and open a door to somewhere dark, sacred, and strange. See you on the other side.

Maria S. Varela’s Badass Dames and Vexing Vixens

With mind-bending skill, photographer Maria S Varela transforms 21st century women into visions of a mysterious, electrifying past.

The Fantastical Truths of Benjamin Von Wong

With dreamlike photographs of mermaids, warriors, and post-apocalyptic scenes, Benjamin Von Wong turns our eyes to realities some prefer to ignore.

Patron of the Dark Arts: Crowdfunding to Back This Month

Support darkling artists by putting your dollars toward these crowdfunding campaigns. This month: carnival tarot, a ghostly game, coffin cat beds, and more.

Death and the Maiden: the Art of Mira Johanna Väänänen

Art Nouveau design sensibilities meet mythology, the occult, and the macabre in the finely detailed work of Mira Johanna Väänänen.