The Colors Within: The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck

Inspired by light and color, the Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck is a visual and mystical treasure only made better by the app that accompanies it.

Season of the Witch: Exploring Modern Mysticism at the Seligmann Center

Curated by Sarah Potter, a new exhibit at the Seligmann Center, titled “Season of the Witch”, is exploring the powerful magic and ritual of making art.

Wild Dreaming: The Surreal Art of Flóra Borsi

Photographer and visual artist Flóra Borsi explores modern issues such as immigration and the economy through a dreamlike lense.

12 Bewitching Zines for DIY Darklings

Zines are a personal way to connect with artists and writers through the power of DIY magic, self love, and all things spooky.

Support Queer Witches: An Interview with Nyxturna’s Fay Nowitz

Dear Darkling sits down with Fay Nowitz of Nyxturna to discuss art, magick, femme power, and the importance of supporting queer witches.

InSEXts: Shapeshifting Victorian Lesbians with a Bone to Pick

InSEXts is a horror comic about shapeshifting Victorian lesbians, sex, gore, and the power of queer voices from the mind of Marguerite Bennet. Obviously we’re into it.

Pam Wishbow’s Magical Objects for the Modern Witch

Pam Wishbow explores the sacred nature of everyday objects, the magic in the mundane, and the mystical in the everyday through her handmade creations.

10 Crowdfunding Tarot Decks to Back This Month

Choosing a tarot deck is a daunting task, and it is vitally important to connect deeply to it. Having a hand in its creation is a great way to do this.

Melting Into the Abyss: The Art of Miranda Meeks

Lucid dreams, hazy fields, veiled figures; Miranda Meek’s art is a beautiful and mysterious combination of darkness and beauty.

Akira Kusaka’s Dark World of Fairy Tales and Monsters

Between the whimsical tales of childhood and the shadows, lurking just out of focus, in the blur in the corner of your eye, exists the work of Akira Kusaka.