The Stunning Stained Glass Fantasies of Riven Barrow Glass

Through the lens of Katrin Albert, Dear Darkling takes a peek into the world of Riven Barrow Glass; one of fantasy, vampires, activism, and art.

Tutorial: How to Create Dark Garden Miniatures for Spring

Create tiny dwellings and miniature altars for the demons and fairies hiding in the dark corners of your garden.

Heavy Metal Hentai: CorpseTits Reimagines Lowbrow Art

Sexed-up heavy metal babes touting weapons meet the Japanese demons of your nightmares. We explore the art and life of lowbrow artist CorpseTits.

Blood, Ink, and Latex: The Illustrations of SoftasVulvet

From the dark depths of Instagram creeps SoftasVulvet, our new art obsession. Her latex-clad, otherwordly night goddesses are everything we want to be.

Beneath the Skin: The Sculpture of Sarah Davey

Disembodied torsos covered in fungus; vulnerable wide-eyed nymph-like stares; the feral portraits of Sarah Louise Davey draw you in for a closer look.

These Walpurgisnacht Cookies Make A Sweet Journey to Brocken

The legend of Walpurgisnacht told through gorgeous witchy confections!

Sexy Skull Pin-Ups: An Interview with Carla Wyzgala

Combining fantasy, pin-up, and animal skulls, Carla Wyzgala uses watercolor to explore female sexuality and its inherent empowerment and confidence.

Clarissa Keiser & Her Creepy Cute Creatures

These creepy cute creatures created by artist Clarissa Keiser look like they just may climb off your shelves to frolic around in the nearest forest.

Book Porn: Behind the Scenes with McCall Handcrafted Goods

Expert bookbinder Nate McCall walks us through the process of creating his one of a kind, handmade, and highly coveted journals.

To Death We Are Hastening: The Art of Scott Holloway

“If I was going to advertise something, I would advertise Death.” Scott Holloway does just that with his memento mori art.