Tutorial: Twig Talismans for Manifesting your Intention

Through the mindful act of creating with your own hands, you can create something of great power and intent. We show you how with these twig talismans.

The Stunning Stained Glass Fantasies of Riven Barrow Glass

Through the lens of Katrin Albert, Dear Darkling takes a peek into the world of Riven Barrow Glass; one of fantasy, vampires, activism, and art.

Tutorial: How to Create Dark Garden Miniatures for Spring

Create tiny dwellings and miniature altars for the demons and fairies hiding in the dark corners of your garden.

The Lust List 5.12.17

The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that our staff has been lusting after. These are our deepest darkling desires.

DIY Occult Lanterns: Faux Wrought Iron in Glass and Clay

In our latest tutorial, we teach you how to create glowing lanterns to light your way through twilight strolls and illuminate late night coven meetings.

Think Inside the Box: Macabre Containers for Dark Little Treasures

Darklings are collectors of trinkets and treasures, and we need a place to store them all (especially away from furry familiars).

Cursed Kitchen: Essential Items for Darkling Dining

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your always creepy, all black aesthetic for a well stocked kitchen. We’ve conjured up the essentials for darkling dining.

Sacred Space Adornment with Stone & Violet

Stone & Violet has everything you need for your magical workings, from altar shelves and tarot boxes to crystals, tarot decks, and cauldrons.

Carved and Creepy Candles for Your Cozy Crypt

Amongst vases of dried flowers, stacks of books, and altars piled with crystals and tarot decks, exists an essential to any darkling decor: creepy candles.

Witch-Crafting: Wicked Pouches for Wondrous Objects

Calling all craft witches! These DIY pouches are perfect for storing oils, crystals, spell books, tarot cards, or anything your dark heart wishes.