Light Your Crypt with Burke & Hare Co.: Halloween Collection

Whether you want your tomb to smell like an autumnal bakery or a dark forest, the Halloween Collection from Burke & Hare Co. has you covered.

The Exquisitely Magical Wares of Pandora Witch Shop

Utterly unique spirit boards, engraved boxes, and books of shadows: Pandora Witch Shop has every little thing a practicing witch needs.

A Tangled Web: Spider Gear for Arachnophiles

We all know the rhyme: along came a spider, who sat down beside her, and Miss Muffet said “Oh my GOD, girl, what’s that you’re WEARING?”

In The Belfry: Bat Inspired Baubles For Night Creatures

Of all creatures, few are more beloved by darklings than our oft-maligned bats. We’ve gathered up ten gorgeous ways to pay our respects.

Get Spoopy with Halloween Scents by Strange Fire & Fumery

Lo: on the first day of October, Strange Fire & Fumery did rain down upon us all manner of autumnal scents. And it was good. It was SO GOOD.

No More Ugly Mugs: Darkling Drinkware for All Your Badass Brews

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or whiskey you’re drinking, there’s no reason to use a boring mug. Treat yourself to a cup from our list, and get your sippin’ on.

The Gothic Arts and Witchy Crafts of Petrichor

With embroidered pins, linocut prints, and witchy boxes, the one of a kind wares of Petrichor make us squeal and develop serious “gimme that!” hands.

Pop Culture Pleasures: Dirty Lola is For Everybody

Because who doesn’t need more altar candles, decorative plates, and David Bowie in their lives?

Tutorial: Twig Talismans for Manifesting your Intention

Through the mindful act of creating with your own hands, you can create something of great power and intent. We show you how with these twig talismans.