Pride Makeup Tutorial: Pastel Goth Rainbow by Bex

In honor of Pride Month, Bex Lecter has created a pastel goth rainbow look fit for the creepiest of queerdos.

Tutorial: Twig Talismans for Manifesting your Intention

Through the mindful act of creating with your own hands, you can create something of great power and intent. We show you how with these twig talismans.

Sink Your Claws into DIY Stiletto Manicures

Claws so sharp they could kill a man are all the rage, but you don’t have to break the bank to get in on this witchy trend. We show you how to DIY.

Tutorial: How to Create Dark Garden Miniatures for Spring

Create tiny dwellings and miniature altars for the demons and fairies hiding in the dark corners of your garden.

DIY Occult Lanterns: Faux Wrought Iron in Glass and Clay

In our latest tutorial, we teach you how to create glowing lanterns to light your way through twilight strolls and illuminate late night coven meetings.

Makeup Tutorial: Bat Wing Liner by Bex

Bex is back with a darkling update on the classic cat eye with this bat wing liner tutorial.

Tutorial: Take a Stab at this DIY Bat Hair Slide

Once you make your very own vegan leather bat hair slide, you’ll never want to wear another hair accessory again. Let us teach you how.

Witchy Tips and Dirty Tricks for Prepping Your Walpurgisnacht Garden

As the earth thaws and warmth returns, it’s time to ruminate on the necessary steps to make your dark garden both magical and magnificent.

Makeup Tutorial: Rust In Peace by Bex

Resident makeup artist, Bex Lecter, brings you a rusty, smoky eye inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s ghostly creations. Rust in peace, darklings.

Coldly Cultivating Your Winter Garden

All the leaves have fallen, and the flowers faded. In a winter garden, only the bones remain. Good thing skeletons are the coolest.