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The Colors Within: The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck

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The Luminous Spirit tarot deck by Tina Gong, was designed specially for Labyrinthos Academy. Described by the designer as a sister deck to her Golden Thread deck, this deck is inspired by light and color, meant to inspire the idea of radiating outwards to the reader.

luminous spirit

The deck consists of the 78 cards tarot readers are familiar with. As beautifully written on the back of the deck’s box, “A single ray of light travels through a prism, and breaks into a rainbow of colors. You too are made of light, color, sound, breath and voice. A whole universe resides within you.” this deck is inspiring even before being opened.
Since this deck was designed for Labryrinthos Academy, an app was made to accompany the cards. I cannot emphasize enough how brilliant the app is. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, complementing the deck, it is helpful in absolutely anyone’s tarot journey. The app includes a tarot database, that is composed of common meanings for the cards both upright and reversed. In addition to the database, the app also allows the reader to set goals and intentions for the current moon cycle. When the app is opened, the current moon phase and how it might correspond with the reader’s intentions is shown.

luminous spirit

Screenshots from the Luminous Spirit app

The deck is not only visually stunning, but unlike any other deck I have seen when it comes to usability and inspiration thanks to the companion app.

luminous spirit

The Empress, The Magician, The Lovers, The Devil, and The Tower

Symbolism is something this deck makes use of heavily. Within each exquisite, detail oriented illustration lie small elements that pertain to the meaning of the card. Intricacy is what really makes the art of this deck exceptional. So much detail is included that color isn’t even a necessary addition to the artwork, which honestly makes the colorful backings that much more enchanting by contrast. A common motif among the card’s art is nature; I find the illustrations that contain birds and insects especially lovely. Another pleasant aspect is the diversity of the human figures among the deck. The likes of many genders and races are included, which really is wonderful because representation matters. Each is just as beautiful as the last.

luminous spirit

Eight of Swords, Three of Pentacles, Eight of Cups, and Four of Wands

Something I am particularly fond of is the death card in this deck. The illustration depicts the common skeleton but it is holding an infant in its arms. For those unfamiliar with tarot, the death card tends to get an erroneously bad rap. The death card is more about renewal, endings to new beginnings, not literal death or other grim happenings. I like that this design is more representative of that.

luminous spirit

Death card

This deck is really something special. Initially the unique holographic backing captured my attention, but upon more exploration of this deck, you really discover how unconventional it is in the very best ways. Between the dazzling artwork, spectacular mobile app, and generally ethereal vibes, this deck makes for a truly extraordinary tarot experience.

You can order the Luminous Spirit deck from Labryrinthos Academy here.

All images property of Casey Jennings. 

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