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The Conjured Rose: A Magical World of Bewitching Aromas

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Darklings on the lookout for beauty products that will add a flair of magic to their everyday lives need not look any further! Recently launched brand The Conjured Rose has piqued the interest of many members of the darkling community with their intriguing perfumes and beautiful artwork.

Three fragrances recently launched by the Conjured Rose. Image via @TheConjuredRose.

The company has only been on the market since late August and is the master creation of Mary Syring and Desiree Kulleskog, who have been friends since 2014. On their website, the duo states that they were inspired to form the brand as a way of infusing mundane moments with some mystery and excitement. They focus intensely on storytelling and creating intricate artwork for each fragrance in their online shop to make it special.

The beautiful locket the fragrances come in. Image via @TheConjuredRose.

So far, there are only three scents available on the website, but it is obvious that a lot of love went into the development of each product! The fragrances are sold in an antique-inspired locket with a brass ring, so it can be worn as a necklace. The artwork on the locket is created by Mary Syring, who is an artist in her own right.

“Ophelia’s Altar” by Mary Syring. Original artwork created for the Conjured Rose perfume of the same name. Image via @TheConjuredRose.

Each scent is accompanied by poetry available on the website and additional art by Syring that is meant to invoke the essence of the fragrance. The company even ships prints of the artwork with every order, so you can collect those as well!

Haul from the Conjured Rose. Image via @3reese.

The Conjured Rose perfumes are available now on their website and retail for $25 each plus the cost of shipping. With their mysterious artwork and enticing fragrances, we are excited to see what else the brand will come up with in the future!

Featured image via @TheConjuredRose.

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