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Creepy Confectionery: Candy to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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In the months between Halloween and Valentine’s Day, we have fewer excuses to indulge in some of our favorite candy. But truly, do you need a reason to treat yourself? Dear darklings, we think not. Wouldst thou like to live deliciously – with some sinful sweets? Read on for a spooky sampling of chocolate, hard candies, and other sugary delights.

Anatomically Correct Chocolate Human Skull

Yes, we promise that this truly, honestly is made of chocolate. The realism of this cocoa skull is almost unnerving, but maybe that’s what you want in a skull you’re going to gnaw on. Black Chocolate Co.//$92

Skulls-N-Roses Sugar Cubes

Image by Dem Bones

Cubes are for squares. If you’ve been thinking you’d like to make your teatime a little spookier, these cute sugar shapes might give you exactly what you’re looking for. The accompanying roses can be made in either a classic red, or purple. Dem Bones//$10

Only Child Oracle Board

Image by The Meadow

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. But with this oracle board you can commune with the spirits and munch on delicious white and dark chocolate at the same time. Does the dark chocolate summon darker spirits? Let us know. The Meadow//$6

Chocolate Covered Oreo Brains

Brains generally sound unappetizing unless you’re a member of the decaying living dead, but very few people can resist a tasty Oreo sandwich cookie. Go zombie-lite with these snackable, bite-sized chocolate brains. So Cozy Creations//$19

Marzipan Zombie Fingers

Mmmm, phalanges. Oddly enough, these are advertised as wedding favors but could be used for really any occasion that calls for faux fingers. This Etsy confectioner also makes other zombie body parts if you’d like to nibble on a nose or a section of jawline. (And who doesn’t?) Alexandra’s Candy Lab//$15

The Toe of Satan Hot Lollipop

While it isn’t the sweetest of treats, unusual novelty candy is too good to pass up. Made with chili extract, this lollipop should only be tried by those who are truly suckers for spiciness or straight-up culinary masochists. Flamethrower Candy Co.//$7

“Morrigan” Crow Skull Edible Art

Equal parts ornate sculpture and skilled chocolate work, Conjurer’s Kitchen cooks up artfully executed macabre chocolate creations. This skull in particular was created in collaboration with artist Jessica Joslin. Conjurer’s Kitchen//$30

Wickedly Witchy Pin-Up Wafers

Image by Wickstead’s

Though these are meant to be applied to cookies and other baked goods, these edible images are made with sugar-free vanilla wafers which means that, truthfully, you could let these lovely ladies melt in your mouth all on their own. Wickstead’s//$10

Scorpion Brittle

Image by HOTLIX Candy

As if encased in amber, this real scorpion sits suspended in golden toffee, just waiting for a brave soul to take a bite. HOTLIX Candy also makes candy and snacks featuring real larva and crickets! HOTLIX Candy//$4

Gothic Valentine’s Chocolate Assortment

In the same vein of the popular and well-loved Fatally Yours box by Vegan Treats, this assortment of chocolate seems like what Gomez would give Morticia for Valentine’s Day. But who needs a partner to give them chocolate when you can treat yourself whenever you’re so inclined? Dolled Up Hair Pretties//$60

Featured image by Conjurer’s Kitchen

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