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10 Crowdfunding Tarot Decks to Back This Month

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Picking out a new deck of divination cards can be a daunting experience.  You need one that speaks to you, one with your life and intentions at heart.  Perhaps the way to go is to search for one designed by someone who too has been looking for a deck that calls to them. Have you ever thought about what goes into making your decks?  Who designs the illustrations or writes the guides? Take some time this month to explore decks that are being developed right now specifically for someone like you.  Watch the journey of creating these cards unfold before your very eyes, and have a hand in bringing them to life..  Here is a list of ten innovative oracle decks to back this month.

Dark Days Tarot Deck


Are you inspired by the moon, her every renewing life, and the way her tides push and pull you every day?  This deck is inspired by the way the moon is both restorative and cyclical with gorgeous black and white illustrations to boot. Preorder the deck, scheduled to ship this month, on Indiegogo.

The Lost Tarot


Inspired by the medieval style art in our favorite classic decks, this collection of only the major arcana features photo-based imagery made to look like ancient portraiture. Originally black and white, the images have been digitally colored, making them look almost like old reels of film that were painted by hand.  The minor arcana is predicted to come out sometime next year. Back this limited run deck on Kickstarter.

Delta Enduring Tarot


“There is a savage beauty in the depths of the swamp. For each drop of blood spilled into those dark waters, the delta rises. She thrives. She continues to resist the encroaching gulf. So too is the way of her people, who despite endless struggle, continue to find love and wonder in the ruins of the natural world.”  We don’t know if there is a more enticing way to describe this divination deck.  With many elements attributed to the deep south and the people of the Delta River, these cards have a uniquely human feel to them.  It includes people of all walks of life, people of all colors, genders, and economic statuses.  If you’d like to fund this deck act soon!  The last day for pledging is June 12th!

Inner Compass Cards


Beautifully simplistic and also completely unique, this aptly named deck is focused on self-reflection and truly looking within oneself for answers.  It’s a carry with you everywhere deck; a let me ask my cards real quick deck. This deck can be supported through Indiegogo.

The Violet Ascension Deck


Still in the beginning stages, this deck features creatures and objects from our everyday lives. Focused on the softness of life as well as feminism and queerness, it explores what it is like to exist in a world that is home but also requires you to fight to survive. Check out their Kickstarter to support this deck.

Mesquite Tarot


Here’s another deck you’ll have to jump on if you’d like to back it before the official launch!  The last day to pledge is June 11th.  The Mesquite deck is all about collaboration of symbols and color, the way that softness can often bring with it light and understanding.

Mystic Mondays


Definitely the most geared towards the modern witch on our list today is the Mystic Mondays deck.  These brightly colored cards come with an integrated guidebook as well an an eventual app that will allow you carry your deck with you always! There are only three more weeks to support this vibrant deck, so head to their Kickstarter.

Our last three decks have already been successfully funded but are still available at discounted or pre-order rates and they were just too good to pass up.  Support these artists and celebrate their success!

Our Tarot


Our Tarot is packed with beautiful collages featuring powerful females throughout history.  It puts the women who have shaped our world in the position to help us read and understand our lives right now with gorgeous textures and masterful composition. Pre-order on Kickstarter.

Slow Holler


This tarot deck is as collaborative as it gets, featuring 29 artists and 3 writers.  Those who developed these cards are queer, southern, or both, and the symbolism and imagery through out gets better with each flip. The deck can be ordered through Kickstarter.



A deck aimed towards animal lovers, the bright, stark designs of creatures both domestic and mythical, this deck connects with us on a way that only a witch and her familiar could understand. This fully funded deck can be ordered through Kickstarter.

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