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The Crystal Witchery of Paletree Arcana

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Paletree Arcana‘s catchphrase, “Magickal adornments for the modern mystic,” perfectly sums up the exquisite cache one finds there. The diverse collection of crystal jewelry slips through that needle’s eye opening between archaic and modern, leaving the wearer feeling as though they’ve slipped into an alternate world where the witches are in charge.

Made to order Coven Obsidian necklace.

Even through a screen, you can feel the power rolling off the oversized crystal points that feature heavily in the one of a kind necklaces. Paletree Arcana’s trademark “molten metal” cradles them, fashioned with a unique finish that reminds us of beachside cliffs, the veins in leaves, and fingerprints, all at once.

Australian smoky citrine and moonstone necklace.

Their jewelry easily dances between “something nice to wear” and “something to work your magic with.” Their Witches Besom Necklace, for example, is set with a large piece of naturally broom-shaped black kyanite, often used by crystal workers to neutralize harmful energies. Such talismanic pieces are perfect for incorporating your rituals into your daily life.

Witches Besom Necklace. Fly away, my pretties!

Paletree Arcana’s new (aptly named) Alchemy Elemental symbol collection contains pendants wrought in the shape of the alchemical symbols for air, earth, fire, and water. Each pendant is set with a corresponding stone– red carnelian for fire, opal for air, and so on. The textured silver settings look almost like delicate branches that have somehow been trained to grow in triangles. While all of their stock is decidedly gender-neutral (magic is magic is magic, are we right?), we can really see these Alchemy pieces hanging ’round the necks of our favorite menfolk.

Alchemy Elemental Symbols necklaces.

While most of the jewelry is in the form of necklaces, Paletree Arcana also features the amazing Corvus statement ring. These adjustable beauties are made to order. Not gonna lie– these remind us a bit of the Skeksis from Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. But in the best way.

Corvus ring. Gelfling!

It isn’t just jewelry that’s on the table. Paletree Arcana also offers tools and supplies for the working witch. Our favorite are her Abalone Crystal Smudge Dishes. Shining with metal and crystal accents, you’d swear they were pulled straight from a sea witch’s underwater grotto. Each comes with its own wooden stand and a bundle of white sage, ready to be placed on your altar. Or in your bedroom. Or next to your computer, where you’ve had that cheap incense burner since college. Really, there’s no wrong place for this stunning piece.

Abalone Crystal Smudge Dish. You poor, unfortunate soul.

While they stock serious supplies like bundles of sage and lavender, and mummified rabbit Gris Gris pieces, there’s a lighter side to Paletree, too. Her W.W.S.D. candle, commemorating one of our favorite witch queens, Stevie Nicks, would be an amazing addition to your collection. Light it up and layer on the lace while you croon along to Nicks’ “Annabel Lee.”

W.W.S.D. Stevie Nicks Devotional Candle.

Bianca Havens, creatrix behind the brand, is just as lovely as her wares. Her Instagram is beautifully curated, and more than worth a follow if you love any of the following: tarot cards, runes, hoodoo, candles, skulls, crystals, antiques, cats, or beautiful women. Bianca also uses IG to show sneak peeks of new work, and announce sales, giveaways, and shop updates. Her pieces often sell out quickly, so add her to your follow list if you want to stay in the loop. You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, her website, and of course Etsy.

All photos by Paletree Arcana.

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