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The Cute, Dark, and Deadly World of Amigurumi

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Amigurumi, the art of crocheting small cute things, comes in many styles and flavors. Many of these adorable designs involve food; there are amigurumi cupcakes, ice creams, and flan, along with people, pets, and random items like light bulbs.

But what about the darkling amigurumi? Where are the patterns that let us craft dark and deadly cuteness? Thankfully there are some scattered in the deep corners of the internet, listed here for your crafting needs.

The Faithful Companion

Photo and pattern by elbuhocosturero

The first of our delightfully dark patterns is this Amigurumi Bat. Available in both English and Spanish, the pattern uses single crochet, and recommends pipe cleaners to stabilize the feet. We recommend using your favorite blacks and grays for this little guy.

The Old One Who Captures Our Hearts

Photo by shine

Old gods, when not sucking the sanity from our friends and neighbors, can actually be pretty cuddly, especially when crocheted with this intermediate level pattern. While the tentacles (called coils in the pattern) may seem tricky at first, it is explained well by the pattern’s author.

Our Faithful Lover

Death always follows us, so why not memorialize our inevitable demise by making this adorable amigurumi death? The pattern is available for €2.99 EUR from the author’s Ravelry store.

A Little Love From the Redback

Photo by Sharon Pridmore

Nothing fills out a list of darkling amigurumi like spiders. This deadly Australian Redback pattern, available for AU$2.50, will definitely fit the bill. This spider, known for its sexual cannibalism and its relationship to the black widow spider, is both adorable and deadly.

The Witch

This kitty witch pattern is versatile (as shown on the Ravelry listing) and can be used either to make a cat witch, a human witch, or any kind of witch your imagination can think of.

Gangs All Here

Image by Snacksies

Crochet an entire spoopy Halloween crew with this pattern set from Snacksies, available for $21.

Death, Pestilence, and Yarn


Creepy, crow-like reminders of death and disease have never been so adorable. This pattern is available for download through the author’s Etsy or Ravelry store for $4.

If you still haven’t found the creepy cutie of your dark dreams, Etsy is a great source for all manner of spooky patterns, or check out this book.

Be sure to tag Dear Darkling on Instagram to show us your darkling amigurumi creations.

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