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Cute As Hell: Dark Kawaii Tees & Decora

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Take the uber-cuteness overload of kawaii and twist it up with a darker goth edge and you have dark kawaii. It’s not exactly kawaii or goth or punk; it’s not exactly pink glitter unicorns and hex signs; it’s not exactly fairy kei or pastel goth or Kuromi and Badtz-Maru; but it borrows visually from many sources and strikes that much-loved amalgam of creepy and cute. If you like a bit of weird with your whimsy, just wade into your closet full of black leather goodies, leggings, skirts, and boots, and then add a few things. Might we suggest these sweet but creepy adorbs tees and some stupid-cute swag?

Dark Kawaii Crop

Image via Happy Monday and Amanda Ikoma

If you caught Amanda Ikoma’s super-cute LookBook, her Cute As Hell Dark Kawaii crop is available at Happy Monday. You’ll have to dig through your own closet for the leather garter. Dark-Kawaii Crop//$17

NewBreed Creep It Real Hoodie

Image via NewBreed Girl

Nothing says “creepy-cute” like a skelly alpaca with a Harajuku eyeball hairbow. I mean nothing. Unless you add a weird little mushroom buddy who hasn’t yet been deboned. NewBreed Creep It Real Hoodie//$36

Neko Vampire Ice Cream Tee

Image via Miyaka Bizu

Neko Kitty is dripping with gore. I mean cuteness. I mean the blood of her slain enemies screaming for mercy. Or it really could just be chocolate syrup. You just don’t know, do you? Neko Vampire Ice Cream Tee//$25

Janus Wideneck Sweatshirt

Are all kitties kawaii? Maybe not, but this unapologetically pastel goth feline would feel right at home whether your leather choker sports skulls or glittery purple hearts. Or both. Janus Wideneck Sweatshirt//$35.00

Cute As Hell Tank

Image via LookHuman

With a Ouija board-inspired typeface, this heathered tank announces to the world your provenance as a delightful and cuddly little hellspawn. Cute As Hell Tank//$23.99

Panda Skull Ringer

Image via StuffOfTheDead

Yes, adding panda ears to anything, even a skull, will make it automatically cute and kawaii. There are studies about this, it’s true. Panda Skull Ringer//$31.99+

Dead Inside Unicorn Tee

Image via sugarhai

Over at sugarhai, Liza Phoenix is creating her own sweet world of weirdness, candy, and magic! Don’t even try to resist the tooth-aching sugar high of these crops and tees with just a touch of sweet, sweet evil. And sprinkles. So many cute-as-hell designs you won’t be able to pick just one! Can you really be dead inside with pretty pink unicorns, happy cloud-puffs and flying saucers?¬†Perfect for when you’re dead inside but still kawaii AF. Dead Inside Unicorn Tee//$24.99+

Revenge Of Mewclops Enamel Pin

Decora, swag, flair – whatever you decide to call it, there is no such thing as too much! Multi-eyed kitties and ice cream cones? Who knew such a thing could be so weirdly winsome and endearing? And it’s a limited edition enamel pin of weird kittycones? Enough questions. One in each color, please! Revenge of Mewclops Enamel Pin//$8

CherryLoco Pastel Goth Ice Cream Necklace

Image via CherryLoco

Yes, it is pretty pastel goth. But it goes so great with those Mewclops pins! We did say there’s no such thing as too much. We meant that. CherryLoco Pastel Goth Ice Cream Necklace//¬£15.00

Kawaii Bat Patch

Image via Candy Zombies

Fluffy little patches of batty goodness. Is it kawaii? Is it pastel goth? Is it dark kawaii? That really depends on what else is in your closet, now doesn’t it? Kawaii Bat Patch//$8.83

Skeleton Bat Charm

Clip something creepy-cute to your bag, backpack, keys, dog collar, left nipple – so many possibilities! Skeleton Bat Charm//$10


Featured image via sugarhai

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