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Dark Delights for Back to School Ghouls

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Summer is slowly coming to an end, which means that every darkling’s favourite season will soon be upon us. As well as Halloween decorations, pumpkin spiced drinks and a crisp chill in the air, it’s also time for many of us to return to school, college, or university – which means buying new supplies!

Let us guide you through a selection of back-to-school accessories fit for every Doctor (Frankenstein) in your life.


No student is prepared for the start of term without a supply of fresh notebooks. Keep your notes creepy with these pads.

Anatomy Notebook

Image via StilleSkygger

Whether you’re a medical student, or simply someone who is curious about your fleshy prison, this anatomy notebook is perfect for all things gruesome. StilleSkygger//£14

Black Book of Spells Notebook

Image via Wychwood Oracle

Wychwood Oracle have created these gorgeous A5 notebooks, ideal for jotting down inspirations, plans, or hexes while you’re on the go. Wychwood Oracle//£4.99

Witch Pattern Notebook

Image via Medusa Dollmaker

This hardcover journal can be ordered with lined, plain, or graph paper, for any type of study. The occult symbols are for darklings only. Medusa Dollmaker//£14

Sleep Coffin Notebook

Image via Killstar

Did somebody say nap? If you find your sleep schedule falling by the wayside when term begins, you might want to use this coffin notebook to jot down all your pre-bed thoughts. You’ll sleep like the dead. Killstar//£9.99

“Nature Sufficeth unto Herself” Spiral Notebook

Image via Light Witch

Adorn your notes with your favourite art, like these photographs by Courtney Brooke, to help inspire you when studying becomes a slog. Light Witch//£10.67


Another necessity for new or returning students: stationery. We don’t know which circle of hell all of last year’s pens got lost in, but it’s time to buy some more.

Raven Feather Quill

Image via Sabre Shores

Whilst not necessarily the most practical of pens, this raven feather quill makes a very bold statement. Your commitment to an arcane aesthetic will be respected across the department. Sabre Shores//£26.70+

Strange and Unusual Pencils

Image via Dorkface Shop

A new term means new societies, activities and friends. Start your own club with these Beetlejuice-inspired pencils, and use them to sign a pledge to make this year your most unusual yet. Dorkface Shop//£2

Macabre Mini Planner Stickers

Even ghouls need to be organised – decorate your planner with these macabre stickers to keep track of your sinister schedule. Scarborough Scribbles//£2.50

Lace Washi Tape

Washi tape is a hugely versatile piece of stationery. Decorate your notebooks, planners, devices and walls with this elegant gothic lace pattern for an instant injection of darkness. MechaKucha808Tape//£1.44

Moon Planner Stickers

To-do lists are every student’s friend. Make yours feel more occult with these crescent moon stickers, because everyone knows that just ticking off lists is so last year. My Gothic Planner//£2.50


It wouldn’t be back-to-school without a copious amount of coffee. However you take your poison, serve it in style with these mugs.

Witches Potion Cold Brew Cup

Image via Killstar

Save on plastic when you order iced drinks with this cold brew reusable cup from Killstar. Although it might not actually be a witches’ potion, a drink that keeps you awake for a 9am lecture seems pretty magical to us. Killstar//£9.99

Cabinet of Curiosities Enamel Mug

Image via The Creeping Moon

This enamel mug is perfect to take on your studies both far and wide – whether you work best in a misty forest, or a quiet library corner. The Creeping Moon//£13.63

Favorite Cryptid Coffee Mug

Image via Look Human

You might not be studying cryptozoology, but that doesn’t mean you don’t behave like a cryptid. If rare department sightings, blurry photographs, and a tendency to flee from human contact sound familiar, then you probably need this mug. Look Human//£10.10+

Skeleton Bone China Mug

There’s nothing more punny than a skeleton design on a bone china mug. Be the source of groans and eye-rolling amongst your friends and colleagues when you show them your new purchase. MoreThanPorcelain//£25.17

Herb Witch Mug

Image via Nikury

Sometimes school is stressful. It helps to have warm drinks and look at adorable illustrations of crystals, cats, and herbs. Nikury//£12.87+


The best way to customise your devices and stationery is with a statement case – keep your stuff safe and show your classmates you mean spooky business.

Pumpkin Kitties Zippered Pencil Pouch

Image via Thalamus Wraith

Halloween might only be once a year, but it’s forever in our hearts. Keep the spirit alive with this pumpkin kitty pencil case – you could even stash some candy in there for emergencies. Thalamus Wraith//£10.72

Misty Graveyard Laptop Skin

Image via chihuahuashower

“I’d rather be on a beach” said no darkling ever. Let everyone know what your natural environment is with this misty graveyard laptop skin. chihuahuashower//£18+

Periodic Table of Horror Movies Pencil Pouch

Image via kreepykustomz

Forget Chemistry; it’s extensive knowledge of horror movies that impresses us. Brush up on your favourite titles every time you reach for some stationery with this periodic table pencil case. kreepykustomz//£8+

Moth Spirit Board Laptop Sleeve

Image via Jenny Fontana

Busy witches need to multitask – make your laptop sleeve work for you as a portable ouija board, for when your upcoming tests require some serious occult knowledge. Jenny Fontana//£24

Ye Olde Bag of Witchy Shit Pencil Pouch

Image via Look Human

This pencil pouch is perfect for anyone who employs the “throw it in and go” method of packing their school bag. We won’t judge. Look Human//£13.99+


You’ve got your notebooks, your stationery, your travel mugs and your laptop. Now you need a witchin’ bag to keep it all in.

Neve Backpack

Image via Disturbia

This backpack by nu-goth favourites, Disturbia, keeps things simple yet sinister. The faux snakeskin adds a luxe feel to carrying around your supplies. Disturbia//£44.95

Black Harness Backpack

Image via Restyle

Harnesses and bondage style accessories are a darkling staple, and this O-ring backpack promises to keep all your gear tied down and ready for action. Restyle//£44.26

Moon Snake Satchel

If a satchel is more your style, Restyle have you covered, with a selection of occult designs. We love snakes and studs, so this bag is a no-brainer. Restyle//£39.99

Zero Backpack

Image via Disturbia

Sometimes you need a heavy-duty backpack to carry all your books. Disturbia’s Zero backpack has maximum support and space, without sacrificing style with pins, patches, and chains. Disturbia//£54.95

Banned Apparel Karma Backpack

For when you get to travel a little lighter, this dainty coffin-shaped backpack makes for an awesome statement piece. The memento mori inspired bag proves you’re well-versed in both philosophy and style. Banned Apparel//£34.99

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Feature image via The Creeping MoonDisturbia, and Wychwood Oracle

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