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Sign Us Up: Dark and Magical Subscription Boxes

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As the ennui of long winter sets in, soothe yourself with the darksome delight of subscription boxes just for the dark-hearted! Here you will find lovely gifts to tempt your tenebrous soul, to luxuriate and pamper your all-too-human flesh, to dress up your altar or your home. An assortment of indie and cruelty-free makeup (because cruelty is for your enemies, not your animal friends), beautiful hand-poured candles, unique handmade jewelry, amulets, spellcasting tools, mysteries and curiosities — and even delicious treats to entice your inner glutton!

House of Rituals Box

Image via Tamed Wild Apothecary

A unique subscription from Tamed Wild Apothecary delivers old world rituals, spells, prayers or intentions. Each box has a Ritual Theme – you choose how best to manifest your desires using smudges, candles, incense, crystals, herbs, oils, altar items, and other tools along with written instructions. Larger boxes include an additional Moon Ritual designed to complement the full or new moon. Entice and encourage your Inner Goddess as you explore your own unique nature-connected spirituality. House Of Rituals//$19+

The Witches Box

Image via The Witches Box

Transformative Ritual Magick for those seeking a deep dive into a new aspect of Witchcraft each month. Fawn over the beautifully crafted tools and build your own spellbinding Book of Shadows with a unique new page in each month’s subscription box. Spells, rituals, potions, and transformative magick await you. The Witches Box//$65.

Mister Ghost Parcel by Evil Supply Co.

Image via Evil Supply Co.

A little creepy, a little adorable, a little dark and mischievous in only the cleverest ways. The ghouls at Evil Supply Co. design a unique parcel built around a new theme each month, ranging from witchcraft to spacecraft to library ghosties. You will have tea with vampires, travel through time, and run amok with monsters. The tomfoolery includes The Peyroux Dispatch from their tiny haunted village, an art print among other haunted paper goods, and – wait for it – an enamel pin! Mister Ghost Parcel//$12

Wild Medicine Box

Image via Tamed Wild Apothecary

A monthly Medicine Bag from Tamed Wild Apothecary containing old world herbal healing items, remedies, and earth medicine drawn from wild crafted herbs, plants, and essential oils. Kits are created around a theme or common ailment and provide an assortment of natural alternatives to harness your inner Earth Witch. Wild Medicine Box//$19+

Glamour Ghoul Box

Image via Glamour Ghoul Box

Cruelty-free indie makeup and cool little handmade treasures (they love Etsy as much as we do!) with monthly themes. Jewelry, cosmetic bags, stickers, and sweet treats are a few of the unique items awaiting your perusal in this subscription. Upcoming themes sound awesome and include: “The Truth is Out There,” “Box of the Strange and Unusual,” “Box of Cthulhu,” “Ouija,” “Tomb Sweet Tomb,” and “Gothic Fairytale.” Glamour Ghoul Box//$37

Bone Box by Skulls Unlimited

Image via Skulls Unlimited

Collectors of the macabre will swoon over this subscription from Skulls Unlimited, a leading supplier of osteological specimens. Your monthly Bone Box will include real, professionally cleaned osteological products such as skulls, baculums, teeth, claws, and more, ready for your altar or memento mori. Or your living room mantel – we don’t judge! Bone Box//$24.99

D.L. & Co.

Image via D.L. & Co.

Feeling decadent and luxury-starved? Quarterly selections featuring your choice of either line: Modern Alchemy or D.L. & Co. Each box offers an exquisite array of hand-poured candles in beautiful vessels, matches, diffusers, room sprays, notebooks, and more. Featuring scents like Moroccan Ginger, Thorn Apple, Onyx Tabac, and Jasmine Smoke, each creation is intended to be a small delight of rare botanica, silken ribbons, and elegant packaging. D. L. & Co.//$99

TarotBox by Reckless Reader Tarot

Image via Reckless Reader Tarot

Spark your divination skills with a new and unique tarot deck each month. Touching upon the energies of that month’s tarot selection, your box will include instructions, rituals, card spreads, or activities along with herbs, crystals, candles, and other ritual items for your altar. The “Full Experience” subscription box may also include a bag, wrap, or spread cloth for your deck. From the mystical and esoteric to decks of darker delights, start here for a collection of beautiful and unusual tarot decks. Tarot Box//$29+

Carnivorous Plant of the Month

Photo via Carnivorous Plant of the Month

Have you ever fantasized about feeding your enemies to a carnivorous plant? Well, who hasn’t? If you’re willing to scale down your fantasy to a windowsill-sized version, this just might be the subscription box for you. Even if you have a black thumb, these Pitcher Plants, Venus Flytraps, Sundews, and more are easy to grow and come complete with an informational DVD. The best thing about these little monsters? They’re so very quiet as they go about their carnage. What’s not to love? Carnivorous Plant of the Month//$144+

The Mysterious Package Company

Image via The Mysterious Package Company

A uniquely curated experience by post, The Mysterious Package Company offers a bevy of mysteries, each weaving a strange tale to be deciphered and mulled over by the recipient. The enigmatic story wends its way through one puzzling mailing after another, offering tantalizing clues and intriguing artifacts, the full story unraveling slowly throughout the course of time. Handmade items and curiosities, news clippings, photos and other evidence culminate in a final mailing packed in a handmade wooden crate. Pique your curiosity with “The Century Beast,” “The King in Yellow,” “The Brain Butchers,” “Gods of Madness,” or one of the many other macabre riddles. The Mysterious Package//$99+

Featured image via The Witches Box.

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