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The Dark Psychedelic Art of Jacqueline Denton

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Artist Jacqueline Denton exists in a world that is vibrant, dark, sexy, and psychedelic. In her own words, “My work pushes beyond the boundaries of classic psychedelia. It engages in a playful and dark contemporary world that immerses the viewer in an environment that is unlike anything they have ever experienced.”

Good friends and #psychicspacetwins with fellow artist Oliver Hibert, whom you might know for his own surreal artwork and popular tarot deck, they both embody a truly unique aesthetic that while definitely darkling, may not be what you’ve come to expect in our all black everything world.

Jacqueline Denton

Jacqueline Denton

Coffins, keyholes, spiderwebs, dripping neon, ghosts, and bats contribute to the always creepy nature of Denton’s art. Intense color contrasts with black and white, and beautiful, naked women are set amongst grotesque, sometimes disturbing imagery. These psychedelic pin-ups, which all appear to be self-portraits of Denton herself, are strong, sultry, and spooky; they’re everything we want to be.

Jacqueline Denton

Jacqueline Denton

To quote Denton, “The limited color palette allows me to give my work an identity, as well as a recognizable style. Clashing dark imagery with beautiful female forms, my work shows the balance of dark, light, beauty and chaos.” She does not shy away from the disturbing, but rather embraces it and presents it to us in psychedelic, brightly colored glory.

Jacqueline Denton

Jacqueline Denton

Denton’s work became wearable art when she collaborated with designer Marina Fini. Dripping moons, sparkling bones, and neon coffins were made into necklaces and earrings out of Fini’s signature plexi and are available for purchase through her website.

Denton’s personal style is just another extension of the artistic expression that seems to encompass her entire life. With a wardrobe of sixties silhouettes in black, white, pops of neon, and plenty of Halloween kitsch, she looks like she could have stepped right out of one of her paintings. She truly embodies the weird and wonderful world that she creates through her art, and it’s a world we want to live in.

Jacqueline Denton

Jacqueline with her #psychicspacetwin, Oliver Hibert and his wife, Danielle Hibert

Jacqueline Denton shows us that there’s more than one way to be cute and creepy. You can be a darkling and still love bright colors, glitter, and butterflies, and we guarantee you’ll feel right at home amongst Denton’s psychedelic dreamscapes.

Keep up with Jacqueline Denton on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and buy her work here.

All images courtesy of Jacqueline Denton.

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