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The Darkling Guide to Vegan Brands

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More and more people are trying out a vegan lifestyle. Whether it’s for the health benefits, the effects of animal agriculture on the environment, or any of the moral and political arguments, many people are saying no to animal products. Being vegan means more than quinoa and tofu tacos, though, and most vegans also choose to give up not just eating animal products, but using them altogether in clothing and makeup.¬†Veganism may not be for everyone, but we wanted to put together a list of vegan brands for darklings who feel that black is the new green.



Sovrin’s unique style of black-metal inspired natural clothing doesn’t stop at leggings and runic scarves. They also make backpacks and bags that are totally vegan. Check by often, as new and one-of-a-kind items are added to their shop all the time!

Modern Compassion

A simple, but darkly inspired brand for those who want to wear their veganism on their sleeve (literally). Be sure to check out their lapel pins and tank tops too!

La Bohe Mia


Athame Choker// 40 EUR

Who says leather can’t be vegan? Certainly not the people at La Bohe Mia. Their kinky harnesses and BDSM-inspired jewelry are a perfect fit for witchy animal lovers everywhere.

Sophi Reaptress

For those who want to dress like the Grim Reaper, but don’t want to actually kill anything, we suggest Sophi Reaptress. Her collections of flowing gowns and mesh leggings are perfect for any darkling, and be sure to check out her vegan line of bath and body products as well!



Ginger Shoes// $175

Deandri is known for their vegan leather harnesses, high collar dresses, and wide belts, but less known are their shoes. Check out their high heeled shoes, and flat oxfords, all of which use no animal products!


The designs at Helvak range from flowy and hooded, to form-fitting and sharp, simple to extravagant. All this, while still remaining dark and vegan.

Unlucky Lingerie

If leather (even vegan leather) isn’t your style, worry not! Look no further than Australian brand Hopeless Lingerie. If their plus size models and body-positive style weren’t enough for you to fall in love, then their cruelty-free products just might be enough to put you over the edge!

Moo Shoes

Technically this is a store, not a brand, but it has earned a mention for being a great aggregate of vegan shoes, bags, belts, and more! Check out their online store, or visit their brick-and-mortar operation in New York City.


Kat Von D

Kat Von D has been an animal rights activist for years, and her commitment to veganism is fully realized in her brand. She’s famous for her Everlasting Liquid lipsticks, but don’t forget about her eyeliners and foundations as well!

Lunatick Cosmetics

Lunatick has distinguished themselves as a professional brand over the last few years, while still maintaining their dark style. Famous for their contour palette, be sure to check out their eye palettes, as well as their bullet-shaped lipsticks.


Handmade, creepy, and hailing from Puerto Rico, we’ve been in love with Necromancy Cosmetica for awhile. All of their products are made without animal products.

Cryptic Cosmetics


Creepshow// $17

Don’t have enough matte, dusty-colored lipsticks? Us either. Thankfully, Cryptic Cosmetics has your back, with plenty of nude and neutral lip shades that are sure to bewitch both vegans and non-vegans.




Matte lips are all the rage now, but we predict metallic lips are the next thing on the horizon. Get ready for that trend with Nero Cosmetic’s line of vegan liquid lipstick.

Manic Panic

You know them for their hair dye, but did you know that Manic Panic also makes makeup? Their bold white foundation and dark colors are sure to be a hit for all the traditional goths out there, while still keeping pace with the pastel goth youngins.

Bath and Body

Cottage Wicks

Cottage Wicks is mostly a candle company, but their amazing selection of vegan bath products earns them a spot on this list! Not only do they have bath bombs and body butter, they also carry face washes, and natural deodorants that are sure to satisfy vegans and non-vegans alike.

Witch Baby Soap

A favorite of darklings, Witch Baby Soap makes luxurious soaps, lotions, and bath bombs for those who are done with endless floral imagery on their bath products. 100% vegan and 100% spooky, we can’t recommend this brand enough.


While not 100% vegan, Lush is 80% vegan, and 100% vegetarian (the exceptions are the occasional products featuring honey and cow’s milk). Lush is an international brand which has been fighting animal testing for years, and what’s not to love about their uniform black and white packaging?

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