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Darkling Sandals: Straps and Spikes and Studs, Oh My

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For those who don’t know, Dear Darkling is headquartered in the Midwest United States, which means that at the time of writing, it’s colder than a witch’s axial tilt in a brass bra (and trust us, we know exactly how cold that is). That said, we’re delighted that our audience of loyal readers can be found worldwide, and in the southern hemisphere, darklings have long since traded their velvet cloaks for sundresses. So whether you’re headed into summer in December, or whether you’re just getting a jump start on the warm weather we’ll all eventually see (right? It’s coming back, right??), enjoy this collection of sandals that are less granola and pachouli and more snakebite and black.

Wicked Warrior Gladiator Platforms

Image via Dolls Kill.

These high, strappy boot/sandals let you protect your gams while allowing a breeze in. Perfect for an apocalyptic adventure — like going to the mall to return things. Current Mood via Dolls Kill//$27

Aelia Auras

Image via Aelia Sandals.

Handmade in Greece, these studded darlings are a summer basic. And glory be, there’s an adjustable ankle strap for those of us that can’t stand toe thongs. Aelia Sandals//$90

Heart Wedge Sandals

Image via Rebels Market.

Some sandals are meant for walking on the beach, and some sandals are meant for stomping on hearts. We’ll let you decide what this pair’s for. Fashion Sprout via Rebels Market//$99

Barefoot Men’s Sandals

Image via Astir Sandals.

These lightweight, simple sandals come in unisex sizes, making them perfect for anyone who suffers from My Feet Are Too Big For These syndrome. Their unique lacing system keeps them on your feet as you run after the ice cream truck, too. Astir Sandals//$57.67

Demon Platforms

Image via Sinister Soles.

Do these count as sandals? We think so. Your toes will peep out of the studded and laced patent, making these perfect pumps for dancing in steamy clubs (please inform the DJ that Siouxsie had songs other than “Peekaboo.” Thanks). Demonia via Sinister Soles//$49.99

Hellenic Ring Sandals

Image via Savopoulos.

If you’re looking for summer shoes that you can toss on and run out the door, something like these are perfect. Their simple, clean design goes with any outfit, up to and including (nearly) complete nudity. Savopoulos//$45.15

Skull Cross Gladiators

Image via Rebels Market.

On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve got these gladiators covered in… well, everything. There’s rhinestones and skulls and crosses and studs, making them sorta like a statement necklace for your feet. Indigozy via Rebels Market//$45.99

Hermes Sandals

Image via MaVeStore.

When the bastards are getting you down, strap these beauties on, get a running start, and fly away from all the bullshit. MaVeStore//$44.85

Black Studded Extreme Shoes with Skulls

Image via New Rock.

Look at that title. Then look at these shoes. Then look at your bank account, and weep. New Rock//$308.41

Custom Sandals

Image via Dark Side of Norway.

While researching this article, we stumbled upon what might be our new favorite indie shoe company: Dark Side of Norway. Not only are their shoes available in multiple colors, styles, and with all sorts of additions (we’ll take a double helping of cone studs), but ordering a pair means they’ll be created just for you, based off the actual measurements of your feet. The hearty construction and perfect fit makes them worth the higher price point, in our opinion. (Dark Side of Norway, we’ll be in touch.) Dark Side of Norway//price varies

Featured image via Dark Side of Norway, because seriously, we’re in love.

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