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Daybreakers: Sunglasses to Keep the Summer Rays at Bay

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It’s summertime and the un-living is easy…as long as you’re prepared for the sunlight. Sunglasses are a summer essential when it comes to both looking and feeling cool, and not being reduced to squinting when you venture outdoors. We’ve rounded up several stylish pairs of sunglasses to help keep any excessive bright rays in check, should you choose to leave your lair to spend some time at the beach.

Cabot Edwardian Glasses

Image via Sunglass Museum

Looking to make a statement this summer? Here’s a unique pair of vintage-style glasses that are square in shape but not in style. Sunglass Museum//$28

Disturbia Kat Sunglasses

Image via Dolls Kill

These glasses have a couple of uses apart from shading your eyes from the sun. They feature little pentagrams to proclaim your innate witchiness and silver mirrored lenses, to help weed out any errant, day-walking undead. Dolls Kill//$25

Extra AF White Cat Eye Sunglasses

Here is a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses that makes a point in more ways than one. As a bonus, they come in a variety of lens colors, from rose-tinted to black. The Oblong Box Shop//$20

Cyrus Oval Glasses

Image via Sunglass Museum

If clockwork is your style, consider these steampunk sunglasses with intricate, pipe-like frames. Sunglass Museum//$45

Bad Bunny Sunglasses

Image via Mi Gente Designs

Match these red frames with the bloody daiquiri of your choice and you’ll be all set to lurk by the pool this summer. Mi Gente Designs//$12.95

Bram Glasses

Image via Sunglass Museum

Here we have glasses that are ideal for when you have a pool party to attend at 7 and experiments in galvanism to perform at 9! Sunglass Museum//$25

Small Square Cat Eye Sunglasses

Image via Hardboil

These black, cat-eyed sunglasses allow you to bring the comfort of the shadows with you as you step out into the sunlight. They would pair perfectly with a black sunhat. Hardboil//$24

Vamp Batwing Cat-eye Sunglasses Set in Black

Image via La Femme En Noir

And, finally, a pair of bat-shaped glasses are the perfect way to broadcast to the world exactly how you feel about direct sunlight. Plus, as if the fang-tastic frames weren’t enough, they come nestled in a little coffin case. La Femme En Noir//$85

Featured images via (L-R) The Oblong Box Shop, La Femme En Noir, and Dolls Kill

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