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The Dear Darkling 2017 Style Guide

Our 2017 style guide is the definitive grimoire of darkling fashion and lifestyle!

This is the very best, all-original content Dear Darkling has to offer in 60 stunning full-color pages!

Table of Contents

Battie Clothing: Underthings from the Underworld
The Winged Fantasies of Costurero Real
Exo Umbra: Cozy Layers for Curvy Witches
Dear Darkling’s Ultimate Guide to Cozy Goth
13 Graphic Tees for Lazy Goths
As Above So Below: 8 Sinfully Sexy Lingerie Brands

Witches of the Wood

Kitschy Witch Designs: A Collaborative Coven of Creativity
Hag Club: Underwear for Bad Bitches & Tough Witches
Of Iron & Leather: Anu Tera Accessories
Arm Thyself: 10 Badass Accessories for Killer Babes
7 Yarn Tutorials for Witchy Knitters and Macabre Hookers
Bury Me in My Boots: Magical Footwear for Fall

Black, Not Basic: An Everyday Darkling Makeup Tutorial
Makeup Magic: Creating a Beauty Altar
Olde Ways Apothecary is Making Real Life Magick
Darkly Daring: The Cosmetic Art of Drac Makens

Strange Fire and Fumery: High End Scents for Discerning Darklings
Making Light Magic with Wicked Stained Glass
Tomb Sweet Tomb: Cemetery-Inspired Home Decor

Steel City Darklings

Matt Sabbath Illustration: Beers, Babes, & Bikes
Achingly Beautiful Viscera: The Taxidermy of Jane Hodwarth
The Darkness of Light Tarot: A Fools Journey through Four Seasons
10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Aesthetic Inspiration
Flesh As Canvas: 11 Dark Tattooers

Emma Ruth Rundle Music for Your Next Thunderstorm
In the Court of the Bastard Queens: Heavy Temple,
Your New Stoner Metal Crush
Soft Sounds From Another Planet: A Cozy Playlist of Dreams &

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