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Dear Darkling’s Guide to Victorian Goth

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Many a darkling find a quiet corner of their black hearts for Victoriana; mourning traditions, high collars, and lots of lace, yes please. Antiques and vintage can frequently be a strain on our wallets, so we’ve gathered up a few great sources for affordable Victorian-inspired clothing.


Founded in 2006, Punkrave concentrates mainly on punk, gothic Lolita and visual kei inspired clothing, but many pieces clearly have strong Victorian influences, with details such as lace, trimmings, high collars, and frills.

Punkrave prices range from $20 – $190.

Gothic Cloak

Image by Punkrave

This cloak is every Victorian darkling’s dream, complete with a high neckline, ruffles, and lace that can be added to any Victoriana look. Punkrave//$71.49

Gothic Dream Blouse

Image by Punkrave

A Victorian inspired wardrobe isn’t complete without a lace blouse. Sheer lace sleeves modernize the buttoned up, pleated bodice, which is adorned with subtle black on black lace appliqués. This versatile piece can be paired with dressed down with high-waisted black pants, or worn with a full skirt for a more complete Victorian look. Punkrave//$53.89

Gothic Untouchable Lady Dress

Image by Punkrave

With its traditional high neck, asymmetrical design and mesh overlay, this dress is a modern take on a look fit for a Victorian vampire. Pair it with a tailored coat, chunky boots, and bloodlust. Punkrave//$75.89

Love Never Dies Coat

Image by Punkrave

This coat is the dramatic addition to any darkling wardrobe, adding a dash of decadence to any outfit. With its fitted A-line shape, faux fur trim, and delicate lace and beading, who could resist? Punkrave//$149.57

Lolita Victorian Shirt

Image by Punkrave

This dark beauty has us completely speechless. The mesh neckline and light fabric allow this blouse to be worn year round. Poet sleeves and neck ruffles add the perfect amount of detail, without being too costume-y for everyday wear. Punkrave//$82.49


Spindoctor is a UK-based clothing line specializing in steampunk style with a Victorian aesthetic. Spindoctor also has a plus section for all of our beautiful curvaceous darklings.

Spindoctor prices range from $10 – $180.

Bellatrix Mini Dress

Image by Spindoctor

This simple silhouette with subtle lace and ruffle details is a perfect staple for every Victorian darkling. Throw a soft flowing cloak over the Bellatrix dress to add extra layers, texture, and mystery. Spindoctor//$48.63

Melrose Top

Image by Spindoctor

This simple smocked blouse is effortlessly vintage-inspired, without being overtly costume-y. Spindoctor//$18.24

Elizabella Dress

Image by Spindoctor

Summer goths rejoice; this Victorian gown-inspired sundress is a perfect summer staple, with its light fabric and flowy, sleeveless silhouette. And since you’ll probably want to wear this beauty year-round, it also layers well with your favorite cape or cloak. Spindoctor//$72.94

Lucine Skirt

Image by Spindoctor

The Lucile skirt is perfect. A black lace trim adds romance to an otherwise simple black skirt. Add thigh high lace-up boots and a bustier top for a subtly sexy look. Spindoctor//$76.59

Prudence Top

Image by Spindoctor

With similar detailing to the Melrose, this 3/4 sleeve lace blouse is finished off with velvet bows around the cuff, for an added romantic appeal. The lace has slight stretch, allowing for a comfortable fit despite the full button down back. Spindoctor//$35.25

Dark In Love

If you think you’ve seen it all in the budget department, wait until you see what Dark In Love has to bring to your wardrobe. This brand specializes in gothic Lolita fashion and can be found in many alternative shops, one of which is The Gothic Shop.

Dark In Love prices range from $6 – $100

Long Black Cape

Image via The Gothic Shop

Can’t you just imagine every outfit you’ve ever worn being topped with this beautiful sheer lace cape? A faux fur collar drapes elegantly over the shoulders, with cascading lace trailing behind, adding elegance and drama to even the simplest of looks. The Gothic Shop//$44.38

Velvet 2 Style Jacket

Image via The Gothic Shop

This deep velvet high low coat is dripping in detailing; lace, ruffles, and ribbons, oh my. And who can resist a jacket that also doubles as a dress? The Gothic Shop//$69.91

Peacock Gothic Lolita Dress

Image by Dark In Love

Do you have a special occasion coming up? This dress is perfect for a wedding, masquerade, or even a stroll through your favorite cemetery. A fitted bodice and tiered skirt create a flattering silhouette, and the sheer panel across the chest gives center stage to an elegantly embroidered peacock. The Gothic Shop//$68.70

Embroidered Lace Skirt

Image by Dark In Love

This delicate lace skirt is embellished with embroidered appliqués creating a scalloped effect at the bottom. For a simple look, style this outfit with a basic black top, or go full Victoriana with a high neck blouse. The Gothic Shop//$66.27

Chiffon Corseted Blouse

Lace, ruffles, a high collar, and corset details; this is the quintessential Victorian-inspired blouse. Style it with some tight black pants and a flowing cape to stroll comfortably through your local ghost town. The Gothic Shop//$39.52


Looking for a slightly more subtle Victorian-inspired look? ASOS has a few hidden gems, if you’re willing to dig through all their products. This time, we did the work for you. You’re welcome.

Fashion Union Short Sleeve Dress

Image by ASOS

The lace panel, ruffle shoulders, and delicate neck tie on this dress combine for simple Victorian-inspired elegance. This dress could even be styled as a blouse and paired with a full skirt. ASOS//$63

Drop Waisted Lace Dress

Image by ASOS

This drop waist silhouette is sweet and simple, brought to life with beautiful chunky lace. Add a belt at the waist to add some shape and accentuate your curves, in true Victorian fashion. ASOS//$75

ASOS High Neck Dress

This dress is a modern take on the high neck, lace, and ruffles that feature prominently in Victorian fashion. ASOS//$75

River Island Frilly Blouse

Image by ASOS

The lace, ruffles, and high neck on this blouse are clearly influenced by Victoriana, while the snake-esque velvet print and chest cut out modernize the look. ASOS//$75

Fashion Union Lace Top

Image by ASOS

Were we the only ones to fall so in love with this blouse that we almost cried? The contrasting lace panels add dimension, and the frilled bib and high neckline cement the Victorian inspiration to this top. ASOS//$55

Featured image courtesy of Time.

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