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The Ultimate Darkling Gift Guide

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The holidays are just a couple of weeks away and you’re still struggling to choose the perfect gift for that discerning darkling in your life who just seems to have everything. Look no further than Dirge’s ultimate holiday gift guide.

These small businesses, artists, and makers create truly unique gifts, many of them handmade, and all of them sure to please any witch or weirdo on your list. While some of them may arrive after December 25th, even the promise of these dark treasures will delight your dearest darkling.


Theeth Jewelry

gift guide

Image Credit: Theeth Jewelry

Jewelry cast from the beautiful things found only in nature, for the witch that can usually be found wandering through the forest collecting flora and fauna.

Elemental Child

gift guide

Image Credit: Elemental Child

For coven bonfire dancers, forest fairies, moonlit strollers, and crystal queens.

Paletree Arcana

gift guide

Image Credit: Paletree Arcana

Handmade magical adornments made from crystals and silver are a perfect talisman for the witch in your life.


gift guide

Image Credit: Bloodmilk Image by: Spookula

When shopping for your dearest darkling, you can never go wrong with Bloodmilk.

Souvenir Jewelry

gift guide

Image Credit: Souvenir Jewelry

Sterling silver and rose gold are cast into badass jewels inspired by heavy metal, rock & roll, and occultism.

Burial Ground

gift guide

Image Credit: Burial Ground

Silver pieces for night wanderers, forest dwellers, and magic makers who find comfort in nature and solace in darkness.

Goldengrove Jewelry

gift guide

Image Credit: Goldengrove Jewelry

Margaret Cross’s jewelry is modern memento mori perfect for anyone with a love for Victorian mourning rituals and imagery.

Mod Evil Studio

gift guide

Image Credit: Mod Evil Studio

Metal for modern witches, grownup goths, and space cadets.

Mercury Hour

gift guide

Image Credit: Mercury Hour

For the psychedelic biker witch who prefers a bike to a broomstick and takes their moonlit strolls in the desert.

Mother Night

gift guide

Image Credit: Mother Night

Beautifully textured, handmade jewelry inspired by religious imagery, history, cemeteries, Victorian hairwork, and the art of mourning.


Contrived to Charm

gift guide

Image Credit: Contrived To Charm

The belts and tarot deck pouches beautifully crafted from leather are just a few of the handmade gifts available from Contrived to Charm.

Love, Pain, and Stitches

For your friend who watches Nightmare Before Christmas in October, December, or any other time of year.

Lunation Leathers

gift guide

Image Credit: Lunation Leathers Image by: Adrienne Rozzi

Custom leather hair pieces inspired by the darkness of nature, from bats to moths to goats. Each slide is accompanied by a steel hair pin hand forged by Artifact Metalworks.


For Strange Women

gift guide

Image Credit: For Strange Women

These beautifully packaged natural perfumes combine plant essences, strange concepts, alchemy, and magick to create scents for all who call themselves strange.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Perfumes and potions inspired by the dark, extraordinary, and magical.


gift guide

Image Credit: Lvnea

Lvnea has created olfactory art by combining pure plant essences in unexpected combinations.



gift guide

Image Credit: Phantom Lovely Image by: Fay Nowitz

Any darkling will happily swathe themselves in organic cotton hand sewn into a beautifully draped cloak.

Sophi Reaptress

gift guide

Image Credit: Sophi Reaptress

The perfect addition to any cozy goth’s wardrobe? Sophi Reaptress’s mesh, spandex, velvet, and leather creations.


gift guide

Image Credit: Fennec

Tees, prints, and patches for green witches and nature goths.

Nuit Clothing

gift guide

Image Credit: Nuit Clothing Atelier

Nuit offers beautiful made-to-order pieces for those who prioritize comfort and minimalism, and of course, wear all black.

Middle of Beyond

gift guide

Image Credit: Middle of Beyond

For the creep on your list who likes their Christmas with a side of Satanism and their ugly sweaters marked with monsters.

House of Widow

gift guide

Image Credit: House of Widow

Inspired by old world mysticism and historical silhouettes, Widow‘s dark offerings are for classic Victorian goths who adorns themselves in lace and layers.


gift guide

Image Credit: Deandri

Many wouldn’t call a darkling’s wardrobe complete without Deandri.

These Americans

gift guide

Image Credit: These Americans

If you have a friend who’s into queer pulp, kink, and the occult, thank them for being awesome with a gift from These Americans.

Sisters of the Black Moon

Sisters of the Black Moon is a beautifully curated, one stop shop for any darkling who values handmade, artisan pieces.

Home Goods

Life After Death Designs

Your dearest darkling may already own an extensive collection of makeup, jewelry, and oddities, but they need a perfectly macabre way to display them all. Look no further than Life After Death Designs.

Red Temple Prayer

gift guide

Image Credit: Red Temple Prayer

For lovers of black coffee, black metal, and badassery.

Charlotte Clark Designer Maker

If an invitation to a friend’s house always includes an offer for a cup of tea, look no further than Charlotte Clark’s ceramic creations.

Killin’ Me Softly

Image Credit: Killin’ Me Softly

Macabre pillows and horror-inspired plush dolls that are cute, creepy, and comfy.

DeadRinger Homewares

gift guide

Image Credit: DeadRinger Homewares Image by: Fay Nowitz

For those who go for a “dead but delicious” look. Mirrors and bookshelves in a familiar morbid shape are just a few of the gifts available at DeadRinger Homewares.

Art & Oddities

Hail Nashville

gift guide

Image Credit: Hail Nashville

Hail Nashville offers a wonderfully weird selection of bones, skulls, crystals, taxidermy, books, and other oddities.


gift guide

Image Credit: Fiendies

The perfect gifts for any ouija board fanatic or practicer of divination, Fiendies creates stunning spirit boards, crystal grids, pendulum boards, runes, and other magical trinkets.

Poison Apple Printshop

gift guide

Image Credit: Poison Apple Printshop

Adrienne Rozzi’s art is sure to please all manner of strange folk. Her interest in the history of witchcraft, magic, and old-world nostalgia combine to create art that is enchanting and informative.

RIP Richmond

gift guide

Image Credit: RIP Richmond

Wet specimens, taxidermy, and medical oddities are just a few of the strange things that can be found at RIP Richmond.

Tyler Thrasher Art

Image Credit: Tyler Thrasher Art

Bitches love dead shit. Bitches love crystals. Give ’em the best of both.

The Cemetery Gates

Image Credit: The Cemetery Gates

The perfect place to shop for anyone with a penchant for the macabre and magical.

Riven Barrow Glass

Image Credit: Riven Barrow Glass

Handmade stained glass with a dark twist, Riven Barrow Glass’s bats, pentacles, planchettes, and swords capture the winter sun beautifully.

The Strange & Unusual

Aptly named, this Philadelphia store offers all that is strange and unusual: antiques, taxidermy, wet specimens, skulls, bones, Victorian collectibles and more.

Handsome Devil Puppets

gift guide

Image Credit: Handsome Devil Puppets

Handsome Devil Puppets are truly unique creations, each hand sculpted, piece by piece, with personal touches from the artist. They are a defining addition to any dark art collection.

Food & Drinks

Blackcraft Spirits

gift guide

Image Credit: Blackcraft Spirits

For the whiskey lover in your life who doesn’t fear a little heat, or the reaper.

Vegan Treats

Image Credit: Vegan Treats

For spooky vegans with a sweet tooth, send some delicious vegan treats or a gift card for their annual Valentine’s Day “Fatally Yours” chocolate box.

Kitchen Witch Spice Company

Nothing says the holidays like hot cocoa and cookies, especially when they’re conjured up by a kitchen witch.

Death Wish Coffee

Image Credit: Death Wish Coffee

World’s. Strongest. Coffee. Enough said.

Aphothic Wine

gift guide

Image Credit: Apothic Wine

Wine makes the holidays just a little more tolerable, and these beautiful, gothic-inspired bottles can double as decor when the wine has stopped flowing.


Burke & Hare Co.

Image Credit: Burke & Hare Co.

Carved pillars and scented candles inspired by ghosts and goths.

Unicorn Manor

gift guide

Image Credit: Unicorn Manor Image by: The Opaque

Enchanting candles containing crystals, glitter, and herbs for witches who work with all that sparkles.

You, Me, and Bones

Image Credit: You, Me, and Bones

The only thing creepier than a baby doll head? One that bleeds when you burn it.

Witch City Wicks

gift guide

Image Credit: Witch City Wicks

Hand-poured, scented candles that only a true Salem witch could conjure up.

Tarot Decks

Leila + Olive

gift guide

Image Credit: Leila + Olive

This beautiful, illustrative deck uses plant magick as a tool for divination.

Oliver Hibert

gift guide

Image Credit: Oliver Hibert

If there is one exception to all black everything, it’s Oliver Hibert’s technicolor dream of a tarot deck. 

Black and the Moon

gift guide

Image Credit: Black and the Moon Image by: Ritual Provisions

Both the Arcana of Astrology and Oracle of Oddities decks from Black and the Moon are stunning magical tools and a perfect addition to any altar.

Golden Thread Tarot

Image Credit: Golden Thread Tarot Image by: Ritual Provisions

The simple black and gold design of this tarot deck is a minimalists dream. Golden Thread Tarot has also created both a mobile app and online academy to serve as a guide to incorporating the deck into a magical practice.

Last Craft Designs

gift guide

Image Credit: Last Craft Designs

A classic tarot deck with a New Wave twist; each card features a known and loved musician or band such as David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux, The Smiths, The Cure, and more.

Flowers From The Dead

Image Credit: Flowers From The Dead

A darkly beautiful deck perfect for simple readings; each macabre drawing pairs back to two words from which to draw meaning.

Bath & Beauty


Image Credit: Lush

The perfect gift for anyone with skin. 

Kat Von D Beauty

Image Credit: Kat Von D Beauty Image by: Karen Beltran

Kat Von D’s makeup is a darkling dream; you cannot go wrong with one of her many lipstick shades or her coveted palettes.

Necromancy Cosmetica

Image Credit: Necromany Cosmetica

With names like Spell Caster, Deadly Nightshade, and Witches’ Brew, these lipstick shades are perfect for any makeup witch.

Cryptic Cosmetics

Image Credit: Cryptic Cosmetics Image by: Vlada Haggerty

The ultimate source of deep reds, gorgeous pinks, and lovely neutrals.


gift guide

Image Credit: Wyrdwerks

These carved soaps are almost definitely too beautiful to use. Owning decorative soaps is how you know you’ve made it, right?

Hex Bomb

gift guide

Image Credit: Hex Bomb

For when your bath just isn’t goth enough.

Rituel de Fille

Image Credit: Rituel de Fille

Spellbinding bold, natural colors from natural ingredients packaged in stunning simplicity.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

gift guide

Image Credit: Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Image by: Spooky Fat Babe

Lunatick Cosmetics represents all that is weird and wonderful about makeup, from classic beauty to horror to special effects.

Witch Baby Soap

gift guide

Image Credit: Witch Baby Soap

Home of the famous coffin bath bomb, Witch Baby Soaps has everything you need for a magical bath experience.

Foxie Bombs Cosmetics

Image Credit: Foxie Bombs Cosmetics

Handmade bath, shower, face, and body products made from vegan, all-natural products with a side of spooky.

Black Moon Cosmetics

gift guide

Image Credit: Black Moon Cosmetics

For the makeup maven who will appreciate the divine packaging of Black Moon as much as they will the product itself.


McCall Co. Handcrafted Goods

gift guides

Image Credit: McCall Company

The perfect journal, grimoire, or book of shadows, because every darkling needs to stay organized with exquisitely handcrafted leather bound books.

La Creeperie

gift guide

Image Credit: La Creeperie

Vintage paperback books covering everything that is good in this world: horror, the occult, scifi, fantasy, true crime, mysteries, and more.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

School of Witchery

Image Credit: School of Witchery

For aspiring witches or those looking to hone their craft, enrollment in the School of Witchery is a perfect gift. 

Goddess Provisions

Image Credit: Goddess Provisions

A monthly subscription box full of magical trinkets, from tea and herbs to crystals and candles.

Spooky Box Club

gift guide

Image Credit: Spooky Box Club

A hand curated monthly box full of unique and spooky products that cannot be found anywhere else, each with its own theme.

Armed with this guide to all gifts dark, twisted, gothic, spooky, and magical, go forth and shop. We won’t tell if you pick up a few things for yourself along the way.

Featured image courtesy of Poison Apple Printshop.

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