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Dear Darklings: Instagram Style Inspiration for November

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Here at Dear Darkling, we spend a lot of time sourcing clothing, jewelry, and accessories we think your closet would love. We’re not into cookie cutter copies of the same look over and over, though. We love giving you the tools to create your own style, whatever that might be. So with our new Dear Darklings feature, we’re pleased to showcase those who have done just that: developed personal style that’s so delicious, you’ll have no choice but to slam the “follow” button. Here are this month’s picks for IG accounts you’ll love to scroll through for some intense style inspiration.


All images via @hexen.seele.

With their trademark sharp-as-knives “V” bangs making us eye the scissors, @hexen.seele‘s feed is a glorious mish-mash of fashion and makeup inspo. There’s also plenty of other goodies if you’re a fan of antiques, cats, or need new books for your “how I’ll spend my day off” stack.


All images via @misterlucian.

Straps and chains and fishnets, ohhhh my. @misterlucian‘s style cup overfloweth and we’re happy to take a sip. Their style is layered, eclectic, and always slightly sinister. We need to find one of those skull-topped fur stoles.


All images via @gothess.jasmine.

An extraordinary makeup/body painting/henna artist, @gothess.jasmine has an IG we can’t stop scrolling through. From her stunning makeup and perfect hair to her spooky-as-hell wardrobe, Jasmine has us hooked on her own special magic brew.


All images via @wassupgina.

DJ @wassupgina‘s IG is spooky, sexy, and adorable, and we’re all about it. Who wouldn’t go see Wednesday Addams spin a set? Head to Instagram to follow their musical projects and ever-evolving style.


All images via @kikamacabre.

Multitalented makeup artist @kikamacabre is a delight for those in search of elevated, editorial face and body artistry, but her daily looks are no less stunning. It’s safe to say we’re fans.


All images via @lithunium.snow.

We’re fairly convinced that @lithunium.snow is an actual elf. Go ahead, take a look and try to prove us wrong. Beyond putting together stunning outfits, they also create YouTube videos that teach how to get their amazing braided hairstyles. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


All images via @strangeasanjles.

@strangeasanjles‘ profile lists them as a “Fat Black Queer Non-Binary Anti-Cap Feminist Witch.” There’s so many check marks we could make in that statement, we’ll just circle the whole thing and add exclamation points. Count us in. And y’all, those eyebrows. Gorgeous.


All images via @tommy_liddell.

If there’s anyone else whose personal style matches that of @tommy_liddell, we haven’t seen it, and frankly we’re not sure that’s even possible. A paragon of creativity, their choices bypass trends, traditions, and gender roles, and move straight onto “Oh my dear sweet Satan, can I reincarnate as you in my next life?”

Know a stylish bat we should follow? Drop us a line.

Featured images (L-R) via: @gothess.jasmine@tommy_liddell@hexen.seele.

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