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Clouded Future: Divination Gear For These Dark Days

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Whether or not you believe it’s possible to see into the future, you’ve gotta admit that divination equipment looks badass. With people saying that pop culture in 2017 reached “peak witch,” it’s easier than ever to find all the crystals and tarot cards your dark little heart desires. And while having lots of options is great, it also means there’s that much more junk to crawl through before you find the good stuff. Never fear, little spoop: we’ve done that for you. Here’s some of our favorites.

Crystal Balls

Is there anything that feels more immediately, classically witchy than making spider-hands over a shiny orb? They’re also lovely decor additions if you’re into natural stone, love the tactile feeling of heavy spheres (and who doesn’t, really), or want to learn contact juggling in a really mystical, albeit expensive, manner.

Selenite Sphere

Image Via Paletree Arcana.

Selenite is a gorgeous bright white stone, with shifts that feel almost otherworldly. Pick up this 75 mm sphere and enjoy the vintage stand it comes with. Paletree Arcana//$65

Crystal Ball Pendant

Image via Silver Paw Designs.

This mini-ball looks lovely dangling from your neck, whether or not you’re using it to see if that hot chick you’ve been texting is, y’know, into you. Made with sterling silver and a glass ball, it’s dainty, pretty, and the perfect shape to fit down your cleavage. Silver Paw Designs//$48.47

Obsidian Crystal Ball

Image via Artem Mortis.

The only thing cooler than a crystal ball is a BLACK crystal ball. This one’s so shiny, even the photographer got caught in the reflection. Comes with wooden stand. Artem Mortis//$125

Crystal Cluster Stand

Image via Cool Craft Things.

The problem with spheres is that they roll. That statement wins the Obvious Award for this year, but it’s something to consider if you buy a ball without a stand. This pretty pewter number is shaped like crystals, so really, it’s double the witchy woo. We bet you could display a skull on this, too. Cool Craft Things//$11.86

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball Ring

Image via Kruel Intentions.

Available in many different stones, this crystal ball statement ring looks pretty, and would probably work as a weapon in a pinch. Kruel Intentions//$36.59

Tea Leaf Reading

The best parts about reading tea leaves: 1. You get to find lots of tea (we’ve got an article for that, btw). 2. You get to drink lots of tea. 3. You can buy amazing tea cups which, aside from any divinatory purposes, also hold tea. Or any other liquids you might enjoy.

Fortune Tellers Tea Cup and Saucer

Image via White Magick Alchemy.

This handsome tea cup and saucer set comes with instructions on how to read tea leaves, if you’re interested. We hope you don’t see The Grim. We hear that’s bad news. White Magick Alchemy//$36.95

Vintage Red Rose Tea Cup of Fortune

Image via Decades Estate Sales.

This 1960s bone china cup and saucer set has a little bit of retro glam to it. People will think you’re so classy, they’ll never suspect you’re actually sipping bourbon. Decades Estate Sales//$14

Taltos Fortune Telling Cups

Image via Beth’s Fancy Finds.

Another vintage find, this set comes with a fabulously kitschy how-to book. There’s two sets available, so if you’re feeling the 70s vibes, you can pick up one for you and one for your disco beau. Beth’s Fancy Finds//$74.80


Technically anything that dangles from a string could be used as a pendulum, but there’s something beautifully appealing about the weight, shape, and size of a divining pendulum. The boards are gorgeous, too. Is it bad that we’d like to use one as a serving tray for our breakfasts in bed?

Pendulum Board

Image via Pandora Witch Shop.

One of our favorite shops offers a variety of pendulum and spirit boards, including this simple-but-not-basic engraved dark wood version. Pandora Witch Shop//$45

Sigil of Lilith Onyx Pendulum

Image via The Witching Hour Art.

The myths surrounding Lilith are murky: was she a demon? The first woman? A sexy dark goddess? One thing’s clear: This pendulum is badass AF. The Witching Hour Art//$78.53

Custom Size Moon Phases Pendulum Board

Image via Positively Mystic.

Laser burned into cedar wood, this pendulum board comes in three different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your cottage. Alternate use if you’re not into the mystical stuff: a new, nonverbal way to say “NO.” Positively Mystic//$18+

Sibyl Brass Necklace

Image via Kazanians Bookshop.

This is actually a necklace, but it could be used as a pendulum if you had a mind to. Or just use it for what it is: a fucking brass spike you can wear around your neck. Kazanians Bookshop//$28

Pendulum Board Set

Image via Hexelheim.

Hexelheim offers several pendulum board sets, all of which are distressed in that “So maybe the world ended, and magic returned to the Earth, but like, maybe we have to make do with things we found? Except it looks really cool” way. The electroformed pendulums are particularly unique. Hexelheim//$46.50

Scrying Mirrors

Used for both scrying and meditation, blackened mirrors are also useful in spotting vampires*, who do not cast a reflection in standard mirrors but can be seen against the inky black surface of a scrying mirror. For this reason, scrying mirrors should always be coupled with whole garlic cloves, unless you’re trying to make friends. In that case, remember that most vampires do not enjoy wine.
*This and everything after it is bullshit, except the bit about wine. We’re pretty sure, anyhow. These are definitely nice additions to your decor, regardless of their effectiveness with spotting the undead.

Gothic Scrying Mirror

Image via Prim Witchery.

Prim Witchery carries several different mirrors, but we were fond of this classic all-black-everything version. Prim Witchery//$35.99

Antique Black Glass Scrying Pendant

Image via My Mystic Gems.

Crafted from an antique pocket watch back, this pendant is a great way to carry a little bit of the void with you at all times. Remember, when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you, but probably it’s just admiring your eyeliner. My Mystic Gems//$45.95

8 Inch Obsidian Scrying Mirror

Image via Gray Vervain.

Hands down the most gorgeous mirror we’ve found so far, this obsidian circle would be amazing as a candle platter if you’re not into peering through the veil. This shop offers several sizes in a variety of price points. Gray Vervain//$130

Scrying Mirror Pendant

Image via Druid Wood Magic.

A little something for our strega babes, this carved cedar wood pendant has a rustic, witch-in-the-woods vibe, and would be amazing layered with some other necklaces. Druid Wood Magic//$25


Used first as an actual alphabet and in modern times by people whose spirituality leans more toward the Nordic/Germanic side of things, runes have been thrust into an unfortunate spotlight as some Neo-Nazi/white supremacy groups co-opted several (namely Elhaz and Othala). Fuck those assholes. If you love runes, get you some, and tell those bastards to get their own symbols.

Black Elder Futhark Runes

Image via Pandora Witch Shop.

PWS is one of our favorite one-stop-shops for witchery, so it’s no surprise that they’re making our list with these birch runes. They carry several other sets in various woods, tones, and styles. Pandora Witch Shop//$30

Four Dwarves Rune Casting Cloth

Image via Seven Oaks Grove.

We love this Viking-inspired casting cloth designed by Danny Korves. Casting cloths aren’t required if you’re looking to work with runes, but they are handy for protecting them, for giving you a clean surface to throw them on, or for covering up that nasty watermark on your side table. Seven Oaks Grove//$30+

Stone Rune Set

Image via Twisted Leaf Studio.

If you’re more into natural stones, these runes might tickle your fancy. Available in striking clear quartz or the variety seen above, these sets can be a lovely addition to any rock hound’s collection. Twisted Leaf Studio//$25

Aegishjalmur Casting Cloth

Image via Norne Woven.

Vegan this cloth is certainly not, but it’s hard to deny the urge to stroke this hand-painted rabbit pelt casting cloth. Printed with the Helm of Awe, this piece can also double as an altar cloth, if you’ve need of that. Norne Woven//$38


Palm reading (or, as it’s called by people who love being exact, chiromancy) is often associated with the astonishingly still-pervasive bigotry toward the Roma peoples. This form of divination dates back thousands of years, and has some of the most recognizable iconography of this list.

Palmistry Print

Image via Elementary Prints.

This vintage-styled print is available in a variety of sizes, and will help explain why you give such lingering handshakes. Elementary Design//$8+

Black and White Nickel Palmistry Pin

Image via TNL Supply.

You know we’re fans of enamel pins already, so one was bound to show up in this list. This design also comes in black enamel and white with rose gold details. Fancy. TNL Supply //$10

Palmistry Statue

Image via Artem Mortis.

Chiromancy statues are incredibly common and often look a bit cookie-cutter, so we were over the moon when we found this slightly withered version with its hand-of-glory vibes. (By the way, Artem Mortis is a great place for all sorts of delicious little oddities.) Artem Mortis//$45

Palmistry Guide Shirt

Image via Nox House.

The ultra-distressed, vintage-as-fuck design on this super soft tee is giving us grabby hands. Limited quantities available, so you best get there before we do. Nox House//$25

Featured image via LucreciaMortishia.

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