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DIY: Paper Masks to Creep and Delight

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Halloween is nigh, and perhaps you have a masquerade to attend. Maybe you are out of costume ideas. Maybe you are just crafty and want to freak out your friends and loved ones without spending hours in the makeup chair. Maybe you’re into some very specific kink play or are having an Eyes Wide Shut party. Hey, whatever floats your boat! We are in no place to judge. (And if you are having an Eyes Wide Shut party, please do invite us.) Whatever the reason, you might find yourself in need of a badass mask. Sure, you could head over to your local Spook-O-Rama and pick up an malodorous rubber monstrosity that’ll be dripping sweat by the end of the night, or, you could channel your inner craft deity and whip one up at home.

We’ve found some paper masks you can make at home with ease!* You just pay for the template, print it out, and then spend some time cutting and pasting/taping everything together. These geometric villains are modern yet creepy, like computer graphics come to life to haunt you night and day, or at least to show up right behind you when you’re trying to put on your false eyelashes. Fun for the whole family!

Skull Paper Mask

Image by VolumeShape.

First up, a relatively simple skeleton mask, perfect for your Jack Skellington cosplay or a trip to the grocery store. VolumeShape//$3.00

Direwolf Paper Mask

Image by SmagaPaperwood.

Is that a GOT cosplay in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? SmagaPaperwood//$8.53

Cthulhu Paper Mask

Image by Tetra Variations.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. But you don’t have to wait; make this mask and creep out your loved ones in proper Lovecraft fashion. Tetra Variations//$5.00

Black Phillip Mask

Image by LapaStudios.

Wouldst thou like the taste of pumpkin spice? A pretty bat dress? Wouldst thou like to trick-or-treat deliciously? LapaStudios//$6.69

Half Moon Mask

Image by Ntanos.

Admit it: you totally want to have a creepy Victorian orgy party now just so you can wear this mask. No judgment; we were thinking the same thing. This company also has Jester, Bunny, and Unicorn, and Medusa masks (among others) that would fit the theme. Ntanos//$6.02

Bride Mask

Image by Wintercroft.

It’s hard to believe this mask is paper. It’s Uncanny Valley meets classic Universal Studios, and you best believe we’re downloading this today. Here’s to a new world of gods and monsters. Wintercroft//$6.12

Demon Mask

Image by Paperstatue.

For those times when your normal horns just won’t do. Paperstatue//$7.29

Dracula Papercraft Mask

Image by Redpoly.

This mask may be too cartoonishly large to be taken seriously at your seriously serious Halloween Srs Biz Gothic Ball, but it is perfect for hanging out on a park bench, counting. “ONE Vladimir Putin in a gimp mask costume, AH AH AHHH!” Redpoly//$6

Devil Mask

Image by FedoraHouse.

Or, just go for the ultimate demon. He’s already in you; just let him out. Fedora House//$5.95

Plague Doctor Mask

Image by Paperstatue.

Let’s not get into a heated debate about the historical (in)accuracies surrounding plague doctors; let’s just check out how cool this mask is!!! Paperstatue//$6.07

Zombie Mask

Image by SHAMEcover.

We do love a woman with brains. Also, the open mouth on this mask means you can guzzle your favorite devilish drinks with undead abandon. SHAMEcover//$6.10

Skull Mask With Moving Mouth

Image by TetraVariations.

Maybe that other skeleton mask was too easy for you and you decided you need something a little more challenging. How about a skull complete with articulated, moving jaw? Good luck. Tetra Variations//$6.00

If you end up making any of these, share a picture on Instagram and tag us (@deardarkling). We’d love to see your handiwork!

*Ease of crafting not guaranteed, particularly if you have consumed any alcohol or your name isn’t Brenda, our house WIC of DIY (Witch in Charge of Do It Yourself).

Featured image via Wintercroft.

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