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A Dozen Divine Tarot Decks For Modern Witches

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Tarot cards are an integral tool of any magical practice. Tarot can be used when seeking clarity and guidance, and many witches do personal readings during times of change such as lunar events and solstices. It is also a common practice to pull a card as part of a daily ritual, along with setting an intention for the day.

Witchcraft has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and with that the tools with which witches work have become increasingly accessible. Many of those interested in witchcraft are women and queer people who also exist within the artist community, and many of them are intersecting these identities and interests to make beautiful art. Tarot decks are one way in which these talented people are distributing their art. Using these unique and beautiful decks allows for a deeper connection to the artist and your personal practice while supporting queer, feminist art.

Each of these artists have created their own version of traditional tarot, illustrating artistic and magical elements that speak to their personal style and practice, showcasing the universality of tarot and the many ways in which it can be utilized and interpreted.

Wanderer’s Tarot Deck

image credit

Image Credit: Wanderer’s Tarot

Artist Casey Zabala has been studying tarot for 13 years and uses it as her primary tool for healing. She created this illustrated deck for modern witches and fellow wanderers; those who are seeking new ways to understand themselves and the world. She has also created an accompanying guidebook and tarot cloth. Wanderer’s Tarot Deck//$45

Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck

tarot deck

Image Credit: Leila + Olive

Nicole Rallis of Leila + Olive has hand drawn and tea stained an intuitive tarot deck combining traditional reading with mythology and plant magic. Each card’s meaning connects to the illustrated herb or flower and the mythology surrounding it. The deck comes with a booklet explaining how to use it in traditional spreads, allowing the magic embodied in the plants to guide you. Pythia Botanica Oracle Deck//$45

Our Tarot Deck

tarot deck

Image Credit: Our Tarot

This ultimate feminist tarot deck honors our real world goddesses. Each of the 78 cards in this deck features amazing women from throughout history and connects them to the traditional meaning of the card. Accompanying the deck is a guide book explaining each woman’s traits and accomplishments and the ways in which she embodies the card she represents. The deck can be used as a tool for divination, inspiration, guidance, and a meaningful way to connect to amazing women of all ethnicities, races, sexualities, gender identities, and abilities and the incredible things they have accomplished. Our Tarot Deck + Guidebook Set//$60

Moonchild Tarot Deck

tarot deck

Image Credit: Moonchild Tarot

Practitioners of moon magic are patiently awaiting the arrival of the Moonchild Tarot Deck, the shadow companion to the well known Starchild Tarot, both brought to us by the magical mind of Danielle Noel. This deck combines photography, art deco, nature, and traditional tarot symbolism to create a stunning divination tool for those who honor the dark and quiet power of the moon, and will be available for purchase soon.

Small Spells Tarot Deck

tarot deck

Image Credit: HausWitch

Rachel Howe is the artist, healer, and spiritual advisor behind the Small Spells tarot deck. She strives to marry art and spiritual healing through her work with astrology, reiki, private readings, tattooing, workshops, and the positive messages she puts forth through her Instagram. Her tarot deck is the culmination of her work and healing pracice. The design embraces mysticism while staying true to her modern minimalist illustration style inspired by cartoons, tattoos, and low-fi graphic design. The deck is accompanied with a guide book with writing by Rachel explaining each card’s meaning, combining tradition and her own investigations and intuitions. Small Spells Tarot Deck//$50

Sacred Creators Oracle Deck

Image Credit: PixieCurio

Created by creative director and brand builder Chris-Anne Pixie, this is a truly unique oracle deck geared specifically toward entrepreneurs, creators, and makers. The goal of this deck is to aid in bringing projects to life through connecting actionable plans with intuition. The deck can be used to answer questions, offer guidance, and suggest new ways to think about an idea or situation through the messages and meanings of each card. Sacred Creators Oracle//$44

Blind Person Tarot Deck

tarot deck

Image Credit: ofstickandstone

Allison Garcia has created a tarot deck highlighting her wonderfully weird black ink style of illustration. Strange creatures reminiscent of medieval bestiaries and moon goddesses from other worlds grace each card. Allison’s magical and mysterious art combines with the traditional tarot arcana for the ultimate weird witch tarot deck. Blind Person Tarot Deck//$50

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Deck

Image Credit: archaichoney

From the designers and artists at Uusi Design Studio, the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot features oil paintings by Linnea Gits and hand lettering by Peter Dunham. They have created a new Higher Arcana card, “The Seeker”, as well as five “Luna Cards”, all contributing to a new tarot format exclusive to Uusi. This deck is intended to be used as a tool for self reflection and understanding our identities and creative skills. The imagery draws inspiration from nature, Celtic mysticism, and Renaissance paintings. As an accompaniment to the deck, Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham have written Notes From The Pagan Otherworld to explain their interpretation of each of the 84 cards. Pagan Otherworlds Tarot//$50

The Dark Exact Tarot Deck

Image Credit: The Dark Exact

Dark Exact, purveyors of magical products for home, body, and mind, have created their own interpretation of the major and minor arcana with this tarot deck. The major arcana is illustrated using plants, animals, objects, and alchemical symbols and the minor arcana uses graphical representations of elemental symbols with their positioning inspired by traditional decks. The intention in this interpretation is to allow for the tarot reader to connect to each card’s content in a more personal way. Each deck includes a mini guide booklet, and an upgrade pack with enhanced designs and an additional new card is also available. The Dark Exact Tarot Deck//$35+

Slow Holler Tarot Deck

tarot deck

Image Credit: Slow Holler

This stunning collaborative deck is the result of the hard work of 30 artists and three writers who have Southern ties, identify as queer, or both. The goal in creating this deck was to create a work of meaningful, beautiful art while amplifying queer, Southern voices and supporting artists and creatives. Each artist contributes their own illustration style and voice within a unified color palette of black, red, and gold. This deck is beautifully crafted and re-imagined, while maintaining the intuitive and thoughtful nature of traditional tarot. A small guide book explains each cards meaning, and also offers information on the project and contributing artists and writers. Slow Holler Tarot Deck//$46

ExtraOrdinary Oracle Deck

tarot deck

Image Credit: ExtraOrdinary Oracle

This oracle deck aims to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and find some magic in the mundane. Each card illustrates a simple object such as a bathtub, cup of tea, or candles, servings as a suggestion to make a moment to find a little magic in the everyday objects we see and interact with every day. This deck does come with a guidebook to earn further insight into the imagery on the card, but this is not a deck that requires vast knowledge of mysticism. ExtraOrdinary Oracle Deck//$50

The Wooden Tarot Deck

tarot deck

Image Credit: meadowqueentarot

The Wooden Tarot, while not made out of actual wood, features paintings by the artist behind SkullGarden, A.L. Swartz, that were originally on wood. The traditional suits of pentacles, wands, cups, and swords have been replaced by bones, stones, blooms, and plumes, respectively. The illustration is heavily influenced by the natural world and mystical beings. While there is no guidebook for this deck, a guide for the original Rider-Waite-Smith deck will offer the necessary guidance. The Wooden Tarot Deck//$35

Feature image credit: Slow Holler

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