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Dressed for Rest: Dreamy Pajamas for Drowsy Darklings

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Sometimes, we all need to spend a little time in our pillow fort. Whether you’re nursing a cold, a hangover, or just enjoying a much-needed day off, nothing says comfort like staying in your PJs. We’ve put together a list of silky sleepwear and dramatic robes for all of your lounging needs.

Queen Bee

Photo via P.J. Salvage

You don’t need to rock a ball gown to let everyone know who’s in charge. Snuggle into some cozy flannel and let your loyal subjects bring you breakfast in bed. All hail the queen. P.J. Salvage//$65

“I See You” Onesie

Photo via Badinka

We all feel like a monster before we’ve had our coffee; now you can truly embrace it. Badinka//$102

Linen Kaftan

Photo via Liiv Linen

Sometimes, you want to commune with the spirits of the night and embrace their dark powers. Sometimes, you want to chill on the couch and binge all of Black Mirror. With this delightful piece, you can be prepared for whatever mood strikes you. Liiv Linen//$122+

Skull Camisole Set

Photo via Dollydripp

If you’re looking for a solid uniform for the next pillow fight Olympics, we recommend this cute set. Dollydripp//$55.41

Elysian Fields

Photo via Sin in Linen

We love this pattern on everything, so putting it on a gorgeous pair of 100% cotton pajamas is a sure way to part us from our money. Sin in Linen//$59

Not a Morning Person

Photo via Grindstore

If you’re going to be up all night (and we know you are), you might as well be comfortable. Grindstore//$33.24

“Fountainbleu” Robe

Photo via Singing Slowly

This robe is a bit of a commitment, because you also need to acquire an appropriately dramatic fainting couch. Singing Slowly//$175+

Medical Malpractice Hangover Lounge Pants

Photo via Se7en Deadly

We love the understated “I might cut you open just to see what makes you tick” vibe of these lovely bottoms. Perfect for a relaxed evening with friends (or victims). Se7en Deadly//$36.99

Marshmallow Ghosties Robe

Photo via Starry Eyed Bowtique

Some cute little ghosties with your yogurt and orange juice? Yes, please. Starry Eyed Bowtique//$75

Cat Pajamas

Photo via Lewis Mayhem

If the next thing on your list after “comfy” is “eye-catching,” these are the pajamas for you. Lewis Mayhem//$78.51

Cover photos via Dollydripp, Sin in Linen, and Badinka

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