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The Enchanting Invocations of Bone Dust Tower

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Raw and organic, the creations of Canadian thaumaturge Bone Dust Tower indulge our love for magic and mystery like no other.

Inspired by nature, folklore, and witchcraft, Elle at Bone Dust Tower has been conjuring artisan jewelry for witches, pagans, and occultists alike. Each of her hand-forged pieces is imbibed with a quintessential mysticism and are reflections of the artificer’s love for organic design, folklore, and spirituality.

Elle works primarily with crystals, re-purposed metals, found antique objects, and ethically-sourced bones, giving a truly rustic, earthly feel to each piece. Elle writes: “All my jewelry is hand made from start to finish using items found in my current environment. 99% of all my materials are landfill diverted and re-purposed, and every bone/antler is hand collected by myself or fellow scavengers.”

Prior to opening her store in 2003, Elle had sought a “specific kind of jewelry that had a “personal, sacred meaning” for her. After the nascency of her own beautiful creations, Elle began to share her gift through her store on Etsy, and thus to the world. Bone Dust Tower was conceived with the intention of forging unique, hand-crafted jewelry, sacred to each customer. Of her craft, Elle states: “I make [each] with the promise that [they are] as unique and strong as the individual [they] adorn”. Elle is currently available to contact via her Etsy page and is open to creating custom requests. 

As well as bewitching crystal necklaces, cuffs, and wrought copper rings, Bone Dust Tower also stocks a line of merchandise featuring their own runic sigil. You can pick up a shirt or a mug and rep this brand all night long.

All images courtesy of Bone Dust Tower.

Featured images: Raw German Steel Neck Cuff /$50.00 and Sigil Racerback//$25.00

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Chemist by day, alchemist by night, this little redhead gained her Master's degree in Pharmacy by way of witchcraft and strong coffee. Classic literature savant, death enthusiast, avid tea drinker and mother of rabbits, hailing from ye olde Albion. Follow her on Instagram at @x_exmachina_x

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