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The Exquisitely Magical Wares of Pandora Witch Shop

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If you’re lucky enough to live in a major city with a substantial darkling population, you likely have a witchy shop or two where you can wander in, stock up on all sorts of pretties, and grab a hot tea before heading home. The rest of us have to make do with scouring the internet for our magical accoutrements, AND we have to make our own damn tea. Enter Pandora Witch Shop. We’ve featured their items twice before, and thought it was about time they got a feature all to themselves, becauseĀ hotĀ damn. Take a wander through their virtual aisles and prepare to be wowed. You’ll still have to make your own cuppa, but we doubt you’ll mind.

All Seeing Eye Bloom Spirit Board. Prices start at $60.

Pandora Witch Shop first caught our attention with their unique, beautifully rendered spirit boards. Drawing on familiar Ouija imagery but adding their own aesthetic, these boards will tempt even the most stubborn of spirits into a late-night chat.

Bull Skull Spirit Board. Prices start at $90.

Even more unique are the planchettes created to match each board. Themes include ram skulls, Santa Muerte, and Baphomet. Each piece is expertly engraved and then painted, and many items come in custom sizes or designs.

Wheel of the Year. Prices start at $35.

Cottage looking a little bare? Many of their pieces double as both decor and ritual items, such as this Wheel of the Year plaque, which could be placed on an altar, hung on a wall, or used for divination. The gold designs are bold against the black background, ensuring this is a piece you won’t want to stash in your closet.

Altar Table with Pentagram. Prices start at $95.

Speaking of altars, if you’re tired of scraping wax off that Ikea shelf you’ve been using, Pandora Witch Shop also makes miniature altar tables. Available in many finishes, these can help elevate your practice to the next level– literally.

Maman Brigitte Casket Box, $60.

They also offer a variety of containers, from the simple-but-effective lidded tarot boxes to these more ornate engraved miniature coffins. Decorated with Voodoo imagery and symbols, these tiny caskets are the perfect place to stash herbs, crystals, or tiny bottles of booze– anything you want kept away from prying eyes and wandering fingers.

L: “My Spells” Book of Shadows, prices start at $80. R: “Baphomet” Book of Shadows, prices start at $65.

If you’re a bookworm witch, they offer several different blank books made with your choice of paper, and available in two sizes. The cover art ranges from “slightly kitschy” to “metal as fuck,” and they’re perfect as journals, sketchpads, or workbooks for your ritual practices. Set one beside your bed to record your dreams, or use it as a delightfully dark wedding guestbook.

L: “Wednesday” Wooden Box, $70. R: “Witch” Book of Shadows, prices start at $80.

Pandora Witch Shop has partnered with Instagram darkling Iren Horrors, adding some of their trademark portraits to boxes and journals. The fine linework and lush curves of Iren’s work are perfectly complimentary to the wood they’re engraved on, and the vibrant paint colors practically leap off the earthy background stains.

There’s no classy way to say “We want everything in this shop,” but we do, and we bet you do, too. Nuke up that mug of tea you forgot about and head over to their Etsy shop. You can also follow them on Instagram.

Featured image by Pandora Witch Shop.

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