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Eyes On The Prize: 14 Eyeball Items That’ll Make You Cry With Joy

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Jeepers creepers
Where’d you get those peepers?
Jeepers creepers
Where’d you get those eyes?

–Warren & Mercer, 1938

Eyeballs: They’re the windows to the soul, and also one of our favorite things to collect. For the rest of you cornea-obsessed darklings out there, we’ve rounded up a selection of eyeball-themed clothing, jewelry, and housewares that you’ll have to see to believe.

CU in Paradise Collar Dress

Image via Killstar

Mary, Mary, pale and scary, how does your garden grow? With eyeball roses, of course. This jersey skater dress with a solid black collar looks killer with boots. Available in sizes XS-XL. Killstar//$39

Sterling Silver Glass Eye Ring

Image via Odd Ball Oddity

This eye-catching statement piece ring features a glass prosthetic eye in your choice of color. Handmade with sterling silver leaf motif setting. Odd Ball Oddity//$124

Grow Your Own Eyeball Flowers Plant Kit

Image via Plants From Seed

Making your garden more pleasing to the eye is a snap. This kit includes everything you need to grow Acmella oleracea. Plants From Seed//$11.50

Eyeball Man Portrait

There’s a dapper fellow! This surreal Victorian-inspired portrait print of an original oil painting is printed with Epson Archival Inks on heavy matte paper. Available in a variety of sizes including poster, and also as jewelry items. Curious Portraits//$20+

Eyeball Miniskirt

Image via Kreepsville666

All eyes will be on you when you wear this curve-hugging bodycon mini skirt covered in a graphic eyeball print. Cotton and Spandex, sizes XS-XL. Kreepsville666//$28

Eyeball Stud Earrings

Image via Fiend Boutique

Get yourself some baby blues. These 16mm 3D stud earrings add a weird touch to any ensemble. Fiend Boutique//$12

Giant Eyeball Pillbox

Looking for a place to keep your pills? Try this detailed eyeball print pill organizer. Sweetheart Spinner//$7.50

Eyeballed Arm Warmers

Image via Mellode

Look cool while staying warm with these streaming eyeball arm warmers. Made of comfy cotton jersey knit. Mellode//$24

Vintage Eye Anatomy Notebook

Image via Patrician Prints

Eye-catching details: This custom-made 5″ x 7″ features an eye diagram drawing printed over a special reproduction antique dictionary page featuring root words related to “eye.” Patrician Prints//$24.99

Eyeball Rubber Stamp

Image via Standard Stamp

Use this detailed rubber stamp to create your own stationery, stamp your clothes, or to enhance any other DIY project you can think of. Comes in two sizes and has an acrylic handle for easy use. Standard Stamp//$15

Kustom Kreeps Eyeball Enamel Pin

The perfect accent for any black jacket. Made of metal and enamel. Sourpuss Clothing//$6

Horror Sci Fi Shirt by Maria B.

Get your weird on while cutting down on waste. This shop upcycles vintage clothing into trippy duds such as this hypnotizing button-up shirt. MB Reinvention Couture//$45

 Set of Two Eyeball Soaps

Image via Sky Rain Soap

Monsters of all ages will have fun washing up with these realistic eyeball soaps. These unscented glycerin soaps are available in your choice of more than 30 different colors. If you want a scent, just leave a note as you check out. Sky Rain Soap//$5.50

One Dozen Eyeball Cake Pops

Because eating the real thing in public is frowned upon. These make great ghoulish party favors and come in five flavors for your snacking pleasure: Chocolate Mint Oreo, Double Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon, and Vanilla. All Occasion Goodies//$28.99

Feature images via (L to R): Killstar, Curious Portraits, and Mellode

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