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Fantasy, Fiction, and Faeries: Makeup with Rising Phoenix

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Dark elves, Jane Austen, Egyptian gods, faeries and furies, femme fatale. While these may sound like Jeopardy categories from some alternate darkling universe, they’re actually inspirations for collections from the delightfully creative minds of two sisters from Singapore. Purani and Darshini Rajasegeran are the masterminds behind Makeup with Rising Phoenix, a cruelty-free and vegan indie brand that delivers pigment-packed products designed with people of color in mind. Online, they offer eyeshadows and highlighters, and they now ship worldwide!


Image via @microwavedinosaur. She goes darkling with help from eyeshadow (also used as highlighter and lip topper) in Sands of Atlantis//$23 SGD


Images via (L) @blendbunny in Alecto and Gruagach//$15.30 SGD each trio, and (C and R) @gandalf_sandwich in (C and R) Hell-bringer//$15-23 SGD, and (C) Spellstorm Mage, Path-Finder, and Devoted Cleric//$15-23 SGD each

In their blog, the sisters say they are “blessed with olive skin (MAC NC 42).” However, they were getting frustrated with drugstore brands available in Singapore. Products would be under-pigmented, turn their skin ashy, and not stand up to Singapore’s heat.

They wanted to make “affordable, vibrant, lasting eyeshadows without compromising on the quality – where they can be comparable with high-end eyeshadows for color payoff and long lasting ability,” they write.

Images via (L) @vickyangmakeup and @microwave dinosaur. Vicky wears Eyeshadow in Canary//$15 SGD and Sunset//$15 SGD. Tsukimi wears Touch of Midas//$23 SGD, Sands of Atlantis//$23 SGD, and Lives of subordinates are coin in hand. Spend them wisely.//$23 SGD


Image via @charmedwench. Marie shows off a look using the Faeries & Furies Collection//$71.30 SGD or trios for $15.30 SGD

Their latest collection is “Faeries & Furies,” and it is their largest collection to date. It draws on a powerful combination of vibrant fiery shades and intense cool tones, that should make both light and dark dwellers of the fairy realm happy. There are ten mattes and five shimmers, available for the first time in trios. Matte shades include emerald greens, intense blues, vibrant reds, electric oranges, and a perfect plum. Shimmers include sparkling teal, green, purple, red-violet, and auburn.

Image via @indiemakeup4coloredgirls. Shaina shows off beautiful swatches of shades from the Metallics and Drow of the Dark Elves Brethren Collections.


Image via A look from the brand featuring eyeshadows in Toadstool//$15 SGD, Vigilante Rogue//$15-23 SGD, and Narashima//$15 SGD, and Face Beams in Valkyrie//$23 SGD

Suffering from eye sensitivities to makeup, the sisters researched ingredients that irritate eyes, so they could leave them out of their own formulations. Their products use all FDA-approved ingredients. They do not contain talc, parabens, petroleum products, glutens, or fragrances. They do not contain carmine, beeswax, lanolin or any other animal-derived products. They hand-make everything without the help of an outside lab so they can keep their own formulas. For added versatility, their eyeshadows can also be used as highlighters and blushes, and many are lip-safe.


Image via @anjuu_chan Here, she rocks eyeshadow in Skeletor//$23 SGD

You can buy these products and more from You can follow them on Instagram, on YouTube, and Facebook.

Featured image via @microwavedinosaur. Prices are given in Singapore Dollars.

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